What is Root in android


Hi Everyone in this article we are sharing what is the root of android. Why we are used root and how to root. Android Rooting is the process that allows users to access the Android mobile operating system to attain privileged control.

What is Root:-

For many computer operation systems, the root ( Administrator or superuser ) account is a special user with complete access to all files and commands. In the context of Android. Root access allows the user to have complete control over the device. Users with root access can cause damage and caution should be used.

Why Root Device:- 

The most common reason for gaining root access is to remove the unwanted application increase performance. And perform full data backup connect wifi and USB tether. Use Custom themes and eun the latest android OS. All benefits gained from root access vary based on the hardware and software of the device.

How to Root Device:- 

Google play prohibits Apps that facilitate or provide instruction on how to hack services software or hardware and circumvent security protections.