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Android Security SSL Pinning

August 1, 2020

Hi Everyone in this Android tutorial, I am sharing how to use Android security SSL Pinning. Core to SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is the X509 certificate, and trust in the chain of certificates that leads from your leaf certificate through an intermediate certificate authority (CA) to a root certificate authority. This chain is determined when the […]

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Google reCAPTCHA Integrating in Android Application

July 23, 2020

Hii in this Android solution we are sharing how to use Google reCAPTCHA Integrating into Android Application. An Android security purpose, you can add google re Captcha for registration form and query form in Android. Google reCAPTCHA is verified the user is not a robot its a real user. While submitting some form or any other […]

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Android how to check phone rooted or not ?

July 9, 2020

Hi, Developer in this Android example we have toking abut check phone is rooted or not. Today for security ist very importation to check your application run on the rooted phone on not. Because Android is a Linex base show hacker collects user data after boot phone and runs Android Application. A show we make […]

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Android bar chart with Tooltip example

July 7, 2020

Hii Developer in this Android Tutorial, I am sharing how to make an Android bar chart with Tooltip example to show bar value in android. In this Android example, I am getting data for a rest API  and API response we show in a bar chart. Add on this user can click on the Bar […]

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Android Trust anchor for certification path

June 27, 2020

Hii Developer in these Android Solution we have to solve the API SSL Handshake Exception. Android volley error: “Trust anchor for certification path not found”, only in a real device, not an emulator. When you hit an API for the response they give you an error like this Android java .security.cert.CertPathValidatorException: Trust anchor for the certification […]

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Android PhilJay MPAndroidChart Bar Chart Example with Server API

June 24, 2020

Hii Developer in this Android example we have implemented  Bar Chart, Bar graph In Android show data in Graph using  PhilJay MPAndroidChart. Android PhilJay MPAndroidChart Bar Chart Example with Server API to used a network API to get responses from the backend and show in graph chart. Just follow these simple steps to make a dashboard […]

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How to use sorting and Filter List data in Android

June 22, 2020

Hi everyone in this article, I am sharing how to use sorting and filter list data in Android. How to filter in your recycler view list. Sorting and filter like Date Sorting, Date Range filter,  A to Z Sort and etc. In this Android sorting and filter Android blog you can follow these simple methods […]

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Select multiple images from android gallery with thumbnails

May 22, 2020

Hii Developer In This android tutorial, I am sharing how to select multiple images for the android gallery and show thumbnails. On a button click open a gallery and select multiple files for the gallery.  And show all select files in a list. and I user wants to remove any image to remove these. How […]

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How to convert attach file to base64 in Android?

May 19, 2020

Hii Everyone in this topic we are a decision on android how to convert a file to base64.  In Android, we select a file from a gallery-like Image, Video, PDF file, word file any type of file attached. And Convert Attach file into base64 String. How to convert attach file to base64 in Android? In […]

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How to attach multiple types of file in Android

May 14, 2020

Hi, Everyone In this Android Example, I am sharing how to attach multiple types of file in android. We are creating a solution for android how to attach a file in the android app. When  I click on a button open mobile folder and attach file and show file Path in TextView. Android How to […]

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