5G Tutorial

Narrow Band IoT Frame Structure

January 31, 2019

NB- IoT frame structure is illustrated in below picture.  At the highest level, it starts with the hyper frame cycle where one hyperframe cycle has 1024 hyper frames and each consisting of 1024 frames. One frame consists of 10 sub-frames and each subframe is dividable into two slots each of 0.5 ms which is similar […]

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Structure of the 3GPP NR 5G Specification

October 31, 2018

Structure of the 3GPP NR 5G Specification. 3GPP starts its work on 5G with its first meetings in the US next month. The work item approved by RAN plenary (RP-170847) primarily targets eMBB and URLLC scenario and services requirement. Frequency ranges up to 52.6 GHz are considered for the 5G, while OTA RF requirements will be […]

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