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“Rate This App”-link in Google Play store app on the phone


“Rate This App”-link in Google Play store app on the phone

In this Article I am sharing how to open this app in google play store for rating us my app its a very easy to used rate us in your in your app to use to perfection over an app.

you just design a  button and apply these code for  review app in google play




“Rate This App”-link in an Android App to open up the app-listing in the user’s Google Play store app on their phone.

  1. What code do I have to write to create the market:// or http://-link open in the Google Play store app on the phone?
  2. Where do you put the code?
  3. Does anyone have a sample implementation of this?
  4. Do you have to specify the screen where the market:// or http:// link will be placed, and which is the best to use – market:// or http://?


Rating.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {
    public void onClick(View v) {
            startActivity(new Intent("android.intent.action.VIEW", Uri.parse("market://details?id="+getPackageName())));
        catch (ActivityNotFoundException e){
            startActivity(new Intent("android.intent.action.VIEW", Uri.parse(""+getPackageName())));
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