What is the price of a laser engraving machine?

laser engraving machine

Customers who plan to purchase a laser engraving machine often consider first how much it will cost. 

CO2 lasers are generally available in small-size laser engraving and cutting machines such as 300*500 mm for about $1999*$2400, 900*600 mm for $2899*$4699, and 1300*900 mm for $3699~$5399. High-powered lasers are more expensive; similarly, bigger size costs more.  If you need to engrave metal, fiber laser marking would be the best choice. 

What is the price of a laser engraving machine?

Fiber lasers are more technology-integrated and advanced than CO2 lasers when it comes to processing thin metal materials, which is important for the development of metal product manufacturing industries. Fiber laser marking price $2950*$5770 at 20W, $3500*$6400 at 30W, and $5500*$15000 at 50W. If you wish to process steel, stainless steel, or iron, a 20W laser is adequate;


In addition, if you require a deep mark, a laser of 30W or above will meet your needs; if you need high precision, you will need a 50W laser to create a delicate print on jewelry. Our sales representatives can provide you with a free sample test in order to ensure the most suitable machine. You can use this information to choose an optimal configuration.


No matter how much you spend on a laser engraving machine or a fiber laser system, you should concentrate on what benefits and profits you will get out of your investment. Additionally, the invisible costs of maintenance and the added value of a machine, such as a longer working life, are intimately related to the machine’s quality and efficiency.

To guide you properly operate a laser business, the following 5 aspects will explain how much a laser engraving and cutting machine will cost.

  1. Comparison of brands and prices
  2. CO2 Laser vs Fiber Laser Cost Comparison
  3. Costs of Operating a Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine
  4. The cost of training to operate a laser engraving business
  5. Marketing Strategies for Laser Engraving Businesses

Nowadays, laser engraving machines are widely used in industrial manufacturing and commercial activities. They play a major role in all aspects of our lives. Why is this? Their accuracy and efficiency make them ideal for offices, workshops, and stores, as well as at home for hobbies. Laser engraving machines are safe to operate and are capable of processing a wide range of non-metal materials, such as acrylic, wood, MDF, leather, fabric, cloth, glass, and so forth. Some other agricultural products, such as apple, pumpkin, magic bean, and calabash, could also be used.

Choosing the most suitable laser engraving machine is not easy, especially if your budget is limited. Quality and performance should never be compromised for a cheaper price. This article provides a general overview of how much a laser engraving machine will cost so you can choose the most cost-effective laser equipment with the best performance.

Furthermore, if you’d like more information about the machine models and their applications of laser engraving machines to start or expand your laser business, please check the product pages or other posts on our website, where you’ll find professional details about laser machines.


The following questions are frequently asked by our customers: What is the price of a laser engraving machine? What are the benefits of laser engraving? How does its price vary? When you are planning to import a laser engraver from China, there will be many suppliers who will offer lower prices than the normal market price and claim that their products will work well. Incredibly, those cheap machines will work with very few after-sales problems. 


Therefore, we remind you not to be fooled by so-called lower prices. If you purchase a laser machine that has poor performance, frequent maintenance, and a short lifespan, you will pay more for it. Our customers have bought very cheap machines at the beginning and suffered a lot from them. Eventually, they turned to us for a high-quality laser engraving machine that meets their needs and budget.


Many customers tend to search for a famous brand when looking for a laser engraving and cutting machine to ensure that they receive top-quality equipment even with a high price. There are customers who only care about cheap products, not brand or quality. Buying a laser engraver involves these two extremes, where a top brand is likely to have a higher price and quality, whereas buying a cheap product usually means no guarantee of quality. A situation like this is exactly described by the saying “you get what you pay for”.

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