10 modern web design trends To Follow in 2022

10 modern web design trends To Follow in 2022

To catch the attention of people, you need to use the latest and unique web design trends for your website. In the past few years, people have spent a lot of time surfing websites for various purposes. To retain this audience, you need to be creative in your web design. You can hire a Web design company Melbourne for designing your website and making use of the latest trends. 

If you have an online business, then your website plays a big role in the success of your website. Your website must be attractive enough to catch the attention of your audience. If your website does not look good, then people will switch to your competitors, and this may also affect your business sales.

We’ve seen nostalgia being embraced, no doubt to assist calm and console us during these trying times. Simultaneously, we’ve seen creators reconsider design rules and principles and encourage others to do the same.  Whether you are using Shopify or Magento Development; or any other eCommerce platform, you need to use web design trends for your website.  

Here, we will mention some of the modern web design trends that you can follow.

Best Modern web design trends  

  • Engaging interactives 

It has been noticed that websites have increased the use of animation in the past few years. And it is expected that a greater number of designers may make use of animation interactions. 

As the name suggests, engaging interactives can improve customer engagement, which is a positive sign for the business.

You can provide amazing experiences to your visitors with the help of animation. So, do make the best use of this trend to increase engagement and boost your business sales.

  • Rise of one-page websites

You may have heard – less is more, and this suits perfectly to the web design trends because we have seen an increase in the trend of one-page websites. You can take the help of an eCommerce website design company to create attractive single-page websites. 

People love the simplicity, and thus they will be inclined towards websites that are small and easy to use. 

One-page websites push designers to reconsider their whole strategy and structure to put all of their material front and centre and identify what is most crucial to showcase in the first place. So, to design a one-page website, the designers need to be more creative. 

  • Typography

Bigger and bolder typography helps to create a better and long-lasting impression. Here, you don’t have to use any type of images or graphics, only text. The bigger and bolder typography, the more lasting impression can be made. 

When you make use of typography, you need to be careful about the font. Also, it is important to create the right balance between size & scale. Hire a Web design development company for the best use of typography.

  • Creative scrolling experiences

Here, the aim is to surprise the visitors with creative scrolling experiences. Psychedelic images, parallax effects, and even breakthroughs into the third dimension are transforming pages into living worlds.

For 2022, simple yet elegant interactive scrolling will be a big web design trend attracting many customers to the websites. 

  • Abstract illustrations

Illustrations have been in use for years, but the popularity of abstract illustrations continues to grow. With the help of abstract illustrations, designers get the opportunity to mix and match the different mediums to get good results. 

Organic textures lend a handcrafted appearance and feel, while hand-drawn scribbles offer a sense of familiarity. The options for mixing and combining are virtually unlimited.

  • App-like experiences

Today, the usage of apps has increased a lot as people find it convenient to use the app. So, the emphasis on providing an app-like experience on websites has increased.  

People have got used to apps, where they get great animation and experience. So, the focus in 2022 must be to bring the same energy and experience to the websites like apps. 

  • Gradients with grain

Gradients were already popular, but gradients with the grain can create an amazing effect. A perfect gradient is sleek and contemporary, giving items a futuristic sheen or a gleaming, mechanical appearance. Grain offers a design substance, texture, and a more natural feel. 

  • Giving priority to page speed

Page speed plays an important role in the success of your website. Designers are focusing on improving the page speed because an improved page speed can also improve the experience of the customers. Also, if the page loads slowly, the customers may leave your site and switch to the competitors. 

Search engines also favour websites that have high page loading speed. So, you can get a higher spot in the search results with the increased loading page speed. The ideal speed of the web page must be 1 to 2 seconds, not more than it. You can also hire experts for this purpose. 

  • Visible borders

Web design wants to provide the impression that the material is carefully structured by an invisible hand, floating freeform in digital space. In 2022, the designers are getting more realistic with layouts that reveal the foundation through simple borders & frames.  

A visible grid can easily mark the difference between one section from another. Due to this, the scanning of the page becomes easy and allows to use of more content without getting crowded. These borders can also give a retro look to your website.

  • Gender-neutral design

It is the responsibility of the brands that their website does not look gender-biased. And thus, all the emphasis must be on creating a gender-neutral design. Earlier, this was just in people’s thoughts, but designers who have adopted this trend had made conscious decisions to develop gender-neutral designs for websites. 

To create a gender-neutral design, it is important to provide multiple gender options to the people in the website forms as well as drop-down menus. So, this is one major trend to look at in 2022. if you want to know about Is It Time To Redesign Your Website? Know The 9 Signs! Must Read this.


In conclusion, we would say that for building a good website, it is important to adapt all the latest and attractive website trends for your website. Your website may be created using Shopify Development or any other platform; it is necessary to use these trends to attract people and to grow your online business.