Google Chrome browser security vulnerability and how to avoid it in 2022

Google Chrome browser security vulnerability and how to avoid it in 2022


It is the year 2022, and the internet world is at an incredible level. With billions of people having an internet presence every day, a significantly large percentage of internet users use browsers. Google chrome happens to be one of the most used internet browsers. This is due to the edges it has over other browsers. 

Unfortunately, Chrome is not infallible to cyber security threats. Being a browser with lots of advantages over other browsers, there is the need to fix the only problem it has. To benefit from the features of Chrome and keep the app secure, we have brought to you some measures you should always take when using the browser.

First, We need to know what Google Chrome is.

What is Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is a free web browser created by Google that can be used to access web pages on the internet. With more than 62 percent of the web browser market share as of March 2022, it is the most popular web browser of choice worldwide.

Google Chrome is also an internet browser that has versions that work on a variety of computers, mobile devices, and operating systems. Google Chrome for Android is the most popular version, accounting for more than 36% of the global web browser market in January 2022.

Why is Google Chrome So Popular?

It is no news that Chrome takes 54.63% of the internet browser market share. There are lots of other browsers, but what makes this browser the people’s favourite? Well. Let’s find out.

1.     It is quick and simple to use.

The raw performance of Google Chrome is perhaps its most appealing feature. Even when browsing through a large number of pages with heavy graphics, ads, or video content, web pages can open and load extremely quickly. It has a clean interface that is quite simple to use, even for beginners.

2.               You can search Google using the address bar.

Do you need to look for something? Simply open a new window or tab and begin typing whatever you want to look up in the address bar. Then, after pressing Enter/Go/Search, you’ll be taken to the corresponding Google search results page. As simple as that.

3.               Chrome settings can be synced across devices.

You can sync all of your bookmarks, history, passwords, autofill, and more when you use Chrome with your Google Account. This means that your settings will be consistent and up to date whenever you use Chrome on another computer or device using your Google account.

What is The Vulnerability of Chrome?

Cookies and tracking are issues that affect all browsers, not just Chrome. Incognito Mode, like Cookie and Tracking, is shared by all browsers. 

Google places a cookie on your computer every time you use Google Search. This cookie contains all of the information required by Google to track everything about you. The information gathered is then linked to the Gmail accounts to which you have logged in. The same information is shared not only with Gmail, but also with all of the other Google products you use, such as YouTube, Google Maps, Google Photos, and almost everything else.

You can delete cookies from your computer, but the cookies are updated each time they use a Google service. Google’s Chrome browser is a privacy nightmare in and of itself because all of your browser activity can be linked to your Google account. Therefore, any successful cyber hack on your google account can reveal all your information to the attacker.

How Do I Make Chrome More Secure?

If you are a lover of Google Chrome or you’re willing to try, you do not have to panic. Here are tips to help keep you safe on the browser.

1.    Browse appropriate sites

Sending sensitive data to a website via an insecure connection can be dangerous. When you visit a website or a specific page that offers an insecure connection, Google warns you of the possibility of harm. Avoid visiting these dangerous websites unless necessary, and if you must, avoid entering any of your personal information on the site.

2.              Using default Chrome protection

Google Safe Browsing is a security service that protects users from malicious websites. Chrome provides two levels of protection: Standard and Enhanced. Unless you’ve previously changed it, your browser is set to Standard protection by default. Standard security warns you about potentially dangerous websites before you visit them and assists you in avoiding potentially harmful files and extensions.

3.              Use VPN

Installing a VPN Chrome extension allows you to more effectively access geo-blocked websites while also improving your online security. The main issue with Chrome VPN extensions is that they frequently lack advanced security and have slow speeds. However, that is a small problem in comparison to the dangers of not using it. Ensure that you get the best VPN for Chrome that you can get.There are many free VPN extension for Chrome and other search browsers like Firefox, Iron ect . Chrome extension VPN apps are a necessity to keep your google chrome secure.

4.              Delete cookies

Cookies store information about the websites you visit and the purchases you make. Websites can then track you and follow you around the web to create a more detailed profile of your online habits or to target you with additional advertisements. If these details get into the wrong hands, they can be used against you. Thus, you should always clear your cookies.

5.              Avoid Chrome password manager

Allowing a web browser like Chrome to store passwords for you jeopardises your network security. Passwords are the scourge of many users. Nonetheless, they are one of the only methods we have for securing our accounts. It is not uncommon that these accounts are frequently compromised. Use passwords that only you can easily remember but do not use the Chrome password manager. Never!


One can never be too safe on the internet today. While the internet is good and it makes life easier for us, some attackers lurk around on the net seeking unprotected victims. Follow the tips discussed in this article and you can use your favourite Google Chrome without stress. Don’t forget that you can always download VPN free online.