Different Types of Photography Niches to Select as Your Career

Different Types of Photography Niches to Select as Your Career


Photography is an ever-growing profession with a vast population that shows eagerness toward adding photography as a skill. For many people, photography is more than just a hobby or career. It is a way to express themselves and they consider themselves almost the same as artists behind a gadget. There is so much innovation and creativity taking place around the world with so many advanced cameras and other gadgets being created. This is the major reason why photography lovers do not hesitate to spend a good amount of money on different cameras, accessories, and gadgets.

This is mainly because they consider this as an investment they do in their career or business. If you have a creative eye and want to excel in your career as a photographer, you can learn photography without spending much. Also, there are different photography gurus on YouTube with so many useful tutorials to share. You can get a buffer-free YouTube video experience using WOW Packages. For now, you can use the internet service by WOW to teach yourself some cool tricks and tips.

Before you get into the tricks and tips of photography, you must know the type of photography that will work best for you. This will affect your camera gear, including the lenses you must-have, the camera, and other variables. For instance, you might need a powerful camera for wildlife photography including a bigger lens to capture some crisp pictures of animals in action, and so on. Let’s get you acquainted with the different types of photography for now:


Still Life Photography

Just like the name suggests, this is one of the popular types of photography that mainly involves capturing pictures of inanimate objects. You can say that it is something close to product photography. Prominent employers who might need your skills can be advertising agencies who might need you to shoot different items for their catalogs, billboards, and magazines. You can feature just one main product and several others based on a central theme. You are supposed to have some good lighting equipment and arrangement or simply use a lightbox.

Portrait Photography

This is one of the most popular types of photography and almost everybody is practicing it, even with smartphones. With some powerful specs of your phone, you can create some extraordinary pictures for your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media profiles. One of the beauties of this modern photography art is that you can create some cool portraits using your iPhone. Also, you do not have to have a studio for your shoots, you can get this done, outdoors as well. Portrait photography is very easy to learn and all you need to do is simply point and shoot.

Candid Photography

Many people do not like to get their pictures captured with poses. Some people are not good at it, hence candid photography works for them. You can ask your subject to be as comfortable as possible and you can get some natural clicks on them. One of the best things about Candid photography is that all you need to do is to watch a few video tutorials about Candid photography

Landscape Photography

There are so many apps that can help you remove your limits. Using Landscape photography, you can have the best ideas about the current trends. For example, you can set a small area with lights to capture the perfect click. This type of photography is not limited to capturing horizontal photos only. You can capture vertical tall trees, different mountains, and anything else that you may find in the outdoors.

Abstract Photography

This is one of the artistic styles of photography that is inspired by the movements and represents the world of abstract and known objects the world. The main focus of this photography style is more on geometry, conceptual shapes and art, design, microscopic art, and so on. To become a good abstract photographer you have to train your eyes to have an unusual approach to art. This will help that individual to absorb the atmosphere, and convey a powerful message using their photography.

Travel Photography

For many people travel photography is just mainstream photography of people and objects they find while traveling. It is a very partial approach to travel photography. Travel photography can cover portraiture, food photography, landscape photography, nature photography, and even wildlife photography as well. Travel photographers should be able to capture cityscapes and different architecture as well.

Pet Photography

Pets can be the first and the foremost subjects that we can have at home. For instance, you might be born in a home with lots of domestic animals like cats, dogs, cows, and even parrots. Then pet photography can follow the same concepts and techniques used in portrait photography and is more fun. One of the reasons is that you can worry less about adding more beauty to your subject and you can experiment with unique techniques as well.

You can apply techniques like close-ups using a wide-angle lens to cut down on unnecessary film expenses. The idea is to either create an atmosphere around these furry friends or use presets to create a new theme or environment.

Macro Photography

This is one of the most amazing photography techniques to use. It is also the best in trends and needs a lot of patients to get the results you want. Using macro lenses, you can create a totally different perspective out of your subjects that are super tiny in size. You can use special lenses that can capture something as small as the eyes of the subject.

You can even add these special lenses to your phones as well to capture these mini-size objects and creatures. For ideal high-resolution results, you can use a macro lens that comes with a DSLR or a mirrorless camera.



This is one of the most amazing and extraordinary photography skills to have. Astrophotography is a work that considers numbers more than techniques. You can capture something as mesmerizing as the night sky full of stars, comets, Northern Lights, and so on. It is very difficult to master and you need to have high patience levels and appropriate weather conditions to get the perfect click.


In the end, one can say that there are so many ways and techniques available for photography in the world. They are still exploring more creative techniques depending on the innovation and creativity being discovered in the field.

You can build a name and career in the field when you will dig deeper by studying, different photography gurus. Also, there is no need of taking photography as a science, consider it as an art and a way of expression.