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Some shows you should catch up on in 2022


The year 2022 has been quite a year for TV shows and seasons. Some of those shows are ongoing while some have already ended but can still be rewatched. While the world was held back during the coronavirus pandemic, many people started binge-watching shows, and subscriptions to streaming services skyrocketed. Even in 2022, people have kept up that trend and even now they binge-watch TV shows whenever they find the time. Getting a package deal lets you manage your internet, your TV services, and your mobile services altogether. This is why you should consider looking into Xfinity packages, which can help you manage your bills under one umbrella. 

If you plan on binging on TV shows this summer, here are some shows you should definitely have on your list. 

Stranger Things

Currently, Stranger Things is one of the most-watched TV shows. Season 4 of the series has been split into two volumes. As soon as volume 1 was released, the show became the most trending show on Netflix. This season is much eerier and scarier than the last ones. The Duffer brothers created stranger Things and ever since it released its first season, the show was loved by people all over the world. The show has an amazing cast and even though all the actors started off as kids, they have now grown into teenagers and all of them are amazing actors. They do complete justice to their characters and the sci-fi element of the show is just brilliant. Stranger Things is the kind of show you can very easily binge on as the show keeps you captivated and just keeps you asking for more. 


Manifest had a very interesting storyline when it first came out. The show was more related to sci-fi until later it had a more religious approach to it that shocked many fans. In the show, there are a couple of people on an airplane and the plane starts facing some turbulence. The plane then lands safely in New York and upon landing, they find out that their plane was missing for five years, even though it just took a little while on the plane itself. Upon landing, all the passengers realize they have been blessed with a gift in which they get visions of calamities to come and they can help to prevent those calamities. Audiences all over the world very well received the show and everyone is now waiting for the next and final season of the show, which will finally wrap up the mystery behind the airplane’s disappearance. 

Squid Game

Like all other Korean shows, Squid Game became very popular just as soon as it was released. The show had a very different and twisted philosophy and it had the kind of suspense that kept you on edge. The show was very bloody and gore-y but still, its storyline kept people hooked. The show was full of suspense and the fact that how the rich prey on the poor and their vulnerabilities was too real. The show is all set up for another season and the first season ended with a very suspenseful twist. 


Titans is one of the most underrated shows on Netflix. It is the live-action adaptation of DC’s Teen Titans and it features many familiar characters from the comics such as Robin (who later becomes Nightwing), Starfire, Hawk, Dawn, Best Boy, Superboy, and even Wondergirl. The show is one of the best DC adaptations and it has a very dark theme to it. It features villains such as Scarecrow, Trigon, Deathstroke, and Red Hood. The show is the closest you could come to the comics and it features very less reliability on Batman and focuses on Dick Grayson as Robin who later becomes Nightwing. Even the villains in the show are very menacing and they instill a sense of fear not in just the characters but the audience as well. As compared to Marvel shows, which are already very good, Titans gives a lot of competition to all the Marvel shows. 

The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor tells us the story of Dr. Shaun Murphy, who has autism but also has savant syndrome which makes him unusually intelligent. Shaun has to face society and a lot of discrimination but eventually, Shaun proves his place and earns everyone’s respect as a doctor. He also goes on to fall in love and things start getting better for Shaun. The Good Doctor is one of the best shows you could watch because it gives you a beautiful sense of hope and positivity in the world. So be sure to have The Good Doctor on your list. You can stream the show on Netflix with a reliable internet connection such as Xfinity, which would give you the best internet experience.  

In Conclusion

These are some shows you should definitely watch since they have been brilliantly made. They offer amazing storylines and they are captivating enough to keep you hooked. So the next time you find some free time, be sure to binge on these shows so you don’t miss out.