How to create Simple manga example for MangaSee app built with Flutter 2023

Mangasee is an app and website that lets its users read and read manga at no cost. Mangasee offers mangas across all genres, including action and adventure, romance as well as other genres. Mangasee is constantly updating the mangas for its users.

Mangasee is a great resource for manga lovers. It has the latest as well as classic Mangas accessible on their website. The layout of the site is fantastic and you can look up the manga you wish to read. There is also an online discussion forum to talk about mangas and other topics connected to them.

If you are looking to explore more Mangasee-related sites, you’re in the right place. In this post, we’ve provided the top 5 alternative websites for you.

MangaSee app MAPI

Simple manga reader app for MangaSee. It is important to note I’m making this my first time using Flutter.


I wanted to test Flutter and I also required an app to read mangas on the iPad. So i’ve put the two things together , and now we’re here.

The MangaSee app

The app is integrated with a web scraper to provide the information that is available in MangaSee.

It is at the moment that the app is working without any major problems however it lacks the following basic functions:

  • Page for Search Here you can look up an individual manga, however it only works with the titles that are available on MangaSee So, for instance, there won’t be “Demon Slayer” but you must search specifically for “Kimetsu no Yaiba”.
    By pressing the search button, without entering a keyword will display the mangas on MangaSee with alphabetical alphabet order.
  • Manga pages When you click on a manga, you’ll get a basic overview (cover title, title, status and genre) along with its chapters’ listing. The top right corner the star icon will let you to save the manga in your Library (it’s an icon that you have a preference for that basically).
    The manga you save to your library will let you keep track of read or not chapter reads.
  • The Library Page The HTML0 Library page is the first page you’ll see where you will find the mangas you have saved.

Because MangaSee has been experiencing problems (sometimes) with load on the server, I wrote the app to ensure that whenever you click”Search” or the “Search” button, it will save the entire JSON of mangas in locally in its Database and any concurrent requests will be read from it, instead of needing an entirely brand new “Scraping”. The results that are cached will expire after 24 hours. I decided to do this due to the fact that MangaSee’s search page is pretty heavyand having to request it each time for each search will result in a heavy load for their servers.

How do you create mangasee.123

Android manga see apk

flutter pub get flutter build apk --release --obfuscate --split-debug-info=build/app/outputs/symbols --split-per-abi 

Then you should find app.apk under build/app/outputs/flutter-apk/.

iOS mangasee app

As I don’t have an active Apple Developer account in order to install the app on my iPad, I usually use release mode using my iPad connected via USB and set as a Destination Device.

Flutter Pubs Get flutter run

I’m still looking for the best way to accomplish this.


  • Image loading times are slow at times, I need to see if the issue is related to code or just my wifi that’s not working.

GitHub :-


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