IoT technology - internet of things

IOT_Delhi (Internet of things) : Introduction

Internet of things has been here for years, but now with Smart Cities deployments, IOT is being seen as the next line of business opportunity for many organization. Many organizations including giants are creating massive infrastructure for the Internet of things (sensors, access, gateways, back-end, and data analytics).


Comcast: Introduction to their latest portfolio addition MachineQ mentions: “A new Comcast service that leverages the latest in sensor, network, and software technologies to gather, transmit, and create actionable intelligence from the physical world”.

Comcast executive: ‘We really hope IoT is our fifth major line of business’

The access technology, LPWA is a generic term for a group of technologies that enable wide area communications at lower cost points and better power consumption It is perfectly suitable for the IoT applications that only need to transmit tiny amounts of information in a long range and needs installations, where battery life required, is much longer. There is enough material present on the internet to check different between each technology being offered.

With the presence of Unlicensed technologies such as LoRA, SigFox, Weightless, Bluetooth, ZigBee, 6LoWPAN the world is witnessing some very unique and smart deployments. Licensed technologies (NB-IOT) on the other are taking their own sweet time.

The best and most concerning part of IOT is that it will touch every device and part of your life. Best because it will have integrated and provide best solutions and analytics, worst because it would be a potential security concern for privacy.

IOT_Delhi (Internet of things): We have created this group here to explore, learn and share the IOT solutions, platforms and learning from trials and real deployments. IOT with AI, Machine learning and VR would be the future for everyone. Calling everyone working on IOT from City, country or even abroad to share their solutions, experiences, and insights. Let’s join and share the knowledge.