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5G/4G ARFCN Calculator Android App

5G/4G ARFCN Calculator Android App

Few weeks back, we wrote a post about 5G New Radio ARFCN calculator. Below is the link for the same.


In this post we want to introduce an android App which can be used to calculated 5G NR-ARFCN and 4G LTE EARFCN for different bands.

This App is very useful for 5G/4G RF engineers to calculated ARFCN from given frequency and Frequency for given ARFCN number for both 5G New Radio and 4G LTE technology. This app also provide the information about the frequency bands details approved by 3GPP with frequency range, duplex Mode and allowed bandwidth.

5G New Radio Frequency Bands details also available in following post.


How this App Works:
When you open this app, at Home screen user will find 5G calculator with three options

  1. Calculate center frequency for a given NR-ARFCN (NR Band selection required)
  2. Calculate ARFCN for given center frequency (NR Band selection requirered)
  3. Frequency Band Table (User can scroll left-right and up-down to see the complete table)


Similar options are available for LTE under 4G LTE calculator and about option will take you to the techplayon.com
This app is submitted to techplayon by Parmit Singh

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Parmit is an Android App Developer, having a PG Degree in Computer Applications (M.C.A.) from Kurukshetra University. He has 10 or more application live at google play store.