ChatGPT All you need to learn about the AI-powered chatbot

ChatGPT is OpenAI’s text-generating AI chatbot is taking all over the globe. It can write essays, code and much more with a few text prompts that are increasing productivity by hypercharging. However, there’s a… nefarious aspect.

In any event, AI tools are not going to disappear — in fact, the use of AI has grown exponentially since the introduction of AI only a few months ago. Many major brands are exploring it, employing the AI to produce ads and marketing content such as.

and OpenAI is investing heavily in the technology. ChatGPT was recently boosted with GPT-4, the newest language-writing system developed by the OpenAI labs. Users who pay ChatGPT users are able to access GPT-4 that can create more natural and fluidly than the previous model that powered ChatGPT. Alongside GPT-4, OpenAI recently linked ChatGPT with the Internet via plugins that are available in alpha for developers and users on the waiting list.

Here’s a calendar of ChatGPT release and product updates beginning with the most recent updates, which will be regularly updated. We also provide answers to the most commonly asked questions

The timeline for the latest ChatGPT updates

June 28, 2023

ChatGPT application can now search the web exclusively on Bing

OpenAI announced that customers of ChatGPT Plus will now be able to access a brand new feature of the ChatGPT application called Browsing that lets ChatGPT to use Bing to find answers to your questions.

The feature of Browsing can be enabled by going into the new Features area of app’s settings, then selecting “GPT-4” in the model switcher, and then selecting “Browse with Bing” from the drop-down menu. Browsing is available in both the iOS and Android ChatGPT applications.

June 15, 2023

Mercedes has added ChatGPT to its information system

U.S. owners of Mercedes models that utilize MBUX can sign up for a beta test from June 16 to activate ChatGPT’s capabilities. This will allow the multi-faceted large language model to improve the car’s communication capabilities. You can sign up through telling the car “Hey Mercedes, I want to join the beta program.”

It’s not clear what it’s is the purpose, however.

June 8, 2023

ChatGPT application is now available for iPad and includes support for Siri along with Shortcuts

The latest ChatGPT app version includes native iPad support for the app, as with support for using ChatGPT together with Siri as well as Shortcuts. Drag and Drop is available now which allows users to transfer individual chat messages from ChatGPT into other apps.

On the iPad, ChatGPT now runs in full-screen mode and is optimized for tablet’s interface.

May 30, 2023

Texas judge rules that every AI-generated piece of content to be declared and verified

It is the Texas Federal judge in Texas has imposed a new requirement that attorneys who appears in his court affirm to the effect that “no portion of the filing was drafted by generative artificial intelligence,” or, if it was, it was vetted “by a human being.”

May 26, 2023

ChatGPT app has been expanded into more than thirty countries

The new countries on the list includes Algeria, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Estonia, Ghana, India, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Lithuania, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mexico, Morocco, Namibia, Nauru, Oman, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Qatar, Slovenia, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates.

May 25, 2023

ChatGPT is now available in 11 additional countries.

OpenAI announced via an announcement on Twitter that ChatGPT mobile app is accessible in the App Store for iOS across the U.S., Europe, South Korea and New Zealand and, in the near future, more countries will be available to download the app through an app store. In less than six days it was reported that the ChatGPT app has surpassed 500k downloads.

May 18, 2023

OpenAI introduces ChatGPT, a ChatGPT application for iOS

ChatGPT is now mobile-friendly. The brand new ChatGPT application will be completely free to download, and free of advertisements, and allows for voice input, according to the company however, it initially, it will only be available access to U.S. users at launch.

When you’re using ChatGPT on mobile devices ChatGPT the application will store your history across all devicesthat is, it will be aware of the things you’ve previously looked up through its web interface and then make it available to you. ChatGPT is also compatible to Whisper Whisper, which is OpenAI’s free libre speech recognition system to allow voice input.

May 3, 2023

Hackers are employing ChatGPT as a way to distribute malware via Facebook

Meta announced in a statement published on the 3rd of May, that malware masquerading as ChatGPT was increasing across all its platforms. Meta said that as of March 2023, their security teams have identified 10 malware families that use ChatGPT (and like themes) to send malware that is malicious to devices of users.

“In one case, we’ve seen threat actors create malicious browser extensions available in official web stores that claim to offer ChatGPT-based tools,” explained Meta security experts Duc H. Nguyen and Ryan Victory in a blog article. “They would then promote these malicious extensions on social media and through sponsored search results to trick people into downloading malware.”

April 28, 2023

ChatGPT’s parent company OpenAI closes share sale worth $300M with a $27B to 29B price

Venture capitalists like Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Thrive and K2 Global are buying new shares, as per documents obtained by TechCrunch. According to a source, Founders Fund is also investing. Together, the VCs have contributed around $300 million, with a value of $27-29 billion. This is distinct from an investment of a significant size from Microsoft which was announced earlier this year according to a source who is familiar with the matter informed TechCrunch it was completed in January. the investment by Microsoft is thought be in the range of 10 billion dollars, a figure that we confirmed through our source.

April 25, 2023

OpenAI previews its new subscription tier ChatGPT Business

It is called ChatGPT Business, OpenAI describes the new service in terms of “for professionals who need more control over their data as well as enterprises seeking to manage their end users.”

“ChatGPT Business will follow our API’s data usage policies, which means that end users’ data won’t be used to train our models by default,” OpenAI stated in an article on its blog. “We plan to make ChatGPT Business available in the coming months.”

April 24, 2023

OpenAI would like to register the trademark “GPT”

OpenAI filed for trademark registration to mark its trademark “GPT,” which stands for “Generative Pre-trained Transformer,” in December of last year. The company last month filed a petition with the USPTO to accelerate its process. It cited “myriad infringements and counterfeit apps” that are beginning to come into existence.

Unfortunately for OpenAI the petition was rejected the week before. The agency claims that the OpenAI’s lawyers did not pay the fee, and did not providing “appropriate documentary evidence supporting the justification of special action.”

A decision can be delayed for up to five months.

April 22, 2023

Auto-GPT is the Silicon Valley’s newest quest to automatize everything

Auto-GPT is a free source application created by game developer Toran Bruce Richards that uses the most recent text-generating models from OpenAI, GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, to connect with online services and software and allow the application to “autonomously” perform tasks.

The objective of the tool’s purpose is, Auto-GPT is able to behave in extremely… surprising ways. An example Reddit member says that with a $100 budget to invest in the server instance Auto-GPT created an wiki page about cats, exploited an issue within the instance to gain admin-level access, and was able to take over the Python environment it was running and it “killed” itself.

April 18, 2023

FTC cautions users that AI technology such as ChatGPT could be used to ‘turbocharge’ fraud

FTC Chair Lina Khan and other commissioners notified House members of the potential for new AI technology, such as ChatGPT which could be employed in order to “turbocharge” fraud in a congressional hearing.

“AI presents a whole set of opportunities, but also presents a whole set of risks,” Khan stated to members of the House representatives. “And I believe we’ve discovered ways that AI can be used to boost fraud and fraud. Market participants have been put on alert that situations where AI tools are used to fool people can put them in the crosshairs for FTC enforcement,” she stated.

April 17, 2023

Superchat’s AI chatbot lets you talk to both fictional and historical characters using ChatGPT

The company that developed the well-known iPhone customizing application Brass and the stickers maker StickerHub along with other brands has launched today the launch of a brand new AI chat application named SuperChat which lets iOS users to talk using virtual avatars powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT. But what is different about the app from the typical ChatGPT experience, or the multitude of other AI chat applications that are available is the characters that you can use to interact with the SuperChat’s AI features.

April 12, 2023

Italy provides OpenAI the list of things to do to be lifted ChatGPT suspending order

The Italian data protection watchdog has outlined the steps OpenAI should do in order for it to get an order lifted against ChatGPT that was issued at the end of June -in which it claimed it believed it was a possibility that the AI ChatGPT service may be in violation of Europe’s GSPR and demanded ChatGPT to cease processing data from the U.S.-based business to stop processing local citizens information.

The DPA has set OpenAI an expiration date of April 30, to ensure compliance with the regulator’s demands met. (The local television, radio and online education campaign comes with a more flexible timeline of May 15th to be implemented.)

April 12, 2023

Researchers have discovered a method to create ChatGPT continuously harmful

A study co-authored with scientists of Allen Institute for AI Allen Institute for AI shows that the assigning of ChatGPT an “persona” — for instance, “a bad person,” “a horrible person” or “a nasty person” -the use of these terms using ChatGPT’s API ChatGPT API can increase its toxicity by sixfold. More concerningly The co-authors also found that the fact that having ChatGPT pretend to be certain people from history, as well as gendered individuals and political party members has also increased its toxicityfor example, with journalists, males and Republicans particularly which causes the machine-learning model to express more offensive words than it typically does.

The study was conducted with the most recent version of ChatGPT however, not the current model in preview, based on the OpenAI GPT-4.

April 4, 2023

The Y Combinator-funded startups are working on a ChatGPT for X.

The YC Demo Day’s winter 2023 batch is comprised of no less than four companies that claim to be developing “ChatGPT for X.” They’re all looking to capture a market for software that helps customers which will be worth $58.1 billion in 2023, assuming that the somewhat optimistic forecast from Acumen Research comes true.

March 29, 2023

1100+ signatories have sent an open letter to all AI labs to immediately stop their operations for 6 months’

The signatures of the letter are Elon Musk Steve Wozniak and Tristan Harris of the Center for Humane Technology, along with other people. The letter urges “all AI labs to immediately pause for at least 6 months the training of AI systems more powerful than GPT-4.”

March 23, 2023

The OpenAI API connects ChatGPT via the web

OpenAI has launched plugins for ChatGPT which extends the bots’ capabilities by giving access to third party knowledge sources and databases, such as the internet. In alpha, the plugins are available to ChatGPT developers and users on the waiting list, OpenAI says that it will initially prioritise a small number of developers and those who subscribe to the ChatGPT Plus plan. ChatGPT Plus plan prior to rolling out more extensive as well as API access.

March 14, 2023

OpenAI announces GPT-4 that is accessible through ChatGPT Plus

GPT-4 is an extremely powerful understanding of text and images AI model by OpenAI. It was released on March 14, GPT-4 is available to paying ChatGPT Plus customers and via an API that is open to the public. Developers can join an waitlist for access to the API.

March 9, 2023

ChatGPT is accessible in Azure OpenAI service

ChatGPT is accessible through ChatGPT is generally available through Azure OpenAI Service. Microsoft’s fully-managed business-focused service. Customers who have to belong to “Microsoft managed customers and partners,” are able to apply here for a specific access.

March 1, 2023

OpenAI introduces an API that allows for ChatGPT

OpenAI is making another step towards the monetization of its services by launching a pay API that will be used for ChatGPT. Instacart, Snap (Snapchat’s parent company) and Quizlet are among the initial customers.

February 7, 2023

Microsoft introduces the brand new Bing version, which includes ChatGPT integrated into

At a press conference held at a press event in Redmond, Washington, Microsoft announced its long-anticipated integration of the GPT-4 model from OpenAI in Bing which will provide the possibility of a similar experience to ChatGPT inside the engine. The announcement led to an 10x growth in the number of the number of new downloadings for Bing worldwide, which indicates that there is a significant demand from consumers for brand new AI experiences.

Other companies outside of Microsoft took part in the AI trend through the implementation of ChatGPT and other chat-based apps, such as OkCupid, Kaito, Snapchat and Discord — which put the pressure on the Big Tech’s AI initiatives, including Google.

February 1, 2023

OpenAI is launching ChatGPT Plus, which starts at $20 per month.

After ChatGPT was able to take the web to the forefront, OpenAI launched an innovative trial subscription plan for ChatGPT known as ChatGPT Plus which aims to increase the value of the technology beginning at just $20 per month.

December 8, 2022

ShareGPT allows you to easily transfer ChatGPT conversations

One one week following ChatGPT had been released to the public two developersSteven Tey and Dom Eccleston Steven Tey and Dom Eccleston created an Chrome extension named ShareGPT for ShareGPT to enable users to easily record and share the AI’s responses to the world.

November 30, 2022

ChatGPT was initially released to the general public in OpenAI secretly released GPT-3.5

GPT-3.5 came out by introducing ChatGPT an improved version of GPT-3.5 that is basically an all-purpose chatbot. ChatGPT can be used to engage with a variety of subjects such as television scripts, programming as well as scientific ideas.

Writers from all over the world scowled at the newest technology, similar to what artists used to do with the DALL-E model from OpenAI However, the latest chat-style version has expanded its reach and popularity.


What is ChatGPT? What is its purpose?

ChatGPT is a chatbot for general purpose that makes use of artificial intelligence produce text after the user is asked to enter a prompt. It was created by the technology start-up OpenAI. ChatGPT uses GPT-4 A large model of language that makes use of deep learning to create human-like language.

When did ChatGPT be released?

The 30th of November in 2022 was the date ChatGPT was released to the public for use.

What is the most recent version? ChatGPT?

The ChatGPT for free ChatGPT as well as the paid version of ChatGPT Plus are updated regularly with the latest GPT models. The most up-to-date version has been named GPT-4.

Can I make use of ChatGPT free of charge?

There’s a free version ChatGPT which requires login and is not a substitute for the pay version ChatGPT Plus.

Who is using ChatGPT?

Anyone can use ChatGPT! Many tech businesses as well as the search engine use chatbots to automatically type text or respond to user concerns or questions.

What companies make use of ChatGPT?

Many companies use ChatGPT however, some companies may restrict the usage of the AI-powered software.

Recently, Microsoft has announced at its 2023 Build event that it would be making it a ChatGPT-based Bing user experience to Windows 11. A 3D display company based in Brooklyn Looking Glass makes use of ChatGPT to create the holograms which you can talk to through ChatGPT. The non-profit group Solana has officially incorporated ChatGPT to its platform with the ChatGPT plug-in targeted at the end-user to assist in integrating to the web3 world.

What exactly does GPT translate to? ChatGPT?

GPT is the abbreviation in the form of Generative Training of a Pre-Trained Transformer.

What is different of ChatGPT as well as Bard?

Similar to similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Bard is a chatbot that can answer questions in natural languages. Google has announced in it’s 2023 I/O conference that it would soon add multimodal content to Bard this means it will provide answers that go beyond text. The responses will also give users rich images as well. Rich visuals are pictures that you can use at the moment, but later will include charts, maps as well as other types of information.

ChatGPT’s generative AI has an extended lifespan, and it has been “learning” for a longer period of time more than Bard.

What’s the distinction between ChatGPT and Chatbot?

Chatbots can refer to any computer system that can hold conversations with you or a person, but does not necessarily need to be powered by AI. For instance, there are chatbots based on rules in that they provide canned answers to questions.

ChatGPT is AI-powered and makes use of LLM technology to create text following a request.

Can ChatGPT write essays?


Can ChatGPT be liable for Libel?

Because of the way these models function it doesn’t have any idea or concern about whether it’s true, just that it appears real. This is a problem when making use of it to do your homework, of course however, if it accuses you of committing a wrongdoing that you didn’t do it could in the future be considered an act of libel.

We’ll see how handling the controversies posed by statements made via ChatGPT will unfold in the coming months, especially with an SEO agency involved, as legal and technology experts work to deal with the fastest-moving target in the field.

Does ChatGPT has an application?

It’s true, there is now an unpaid ChatGPT application which is only available only to U.S. iOS users at the time of launch. OpenAi claims that an Android app is “coming soon.”

What’s the ChatGPT limit on characters?

There is no evidence that ChatGPT has the capacity to limit characters. But, some users have mentioned that there are certain limits on characters after 500 words.

Does ChatGPT has an API?

Yes it was published on March 1, 2023.

What are some examples of everyday applications for ChatGPT?

Everyday examples include programming emails, scripts, emails lists, blog ideas summary, etc.

What are some innovative ways to use ChatGPT?

Advanced usage examples include programming languages, debugging code advanced concepts in science, complicated problem solving, etc.

How well is ChatGPT in writing code?

It is contingent on how the application is designed. Although ChatGPT is able to write functional Python code, it’s unable to always program a whole application’s amount of codes. It’s because ChatGPT isn’t aware of contextthat is, the code generated isn’t always appropriate for the specific situation where it’s being utilized.

Are you able to save the chat? ChatGPT chat?

Yes. OpenAI lets users save chats on ChatGPT. ChatGPT interface. They are saved in the sidebar on the screen. There aren’t integrated sharing capabilities yet.

Are alternatives to ChatGPT?

Yes. There are a variety of chatbots that are powered by AI like Together Google’s Bard and Anthropic’s Claude and developers are developing open sources alternatives. However, these are difficult — if they’re not even impossible to run in the present.

The DeepMind research laboratory, which is owned by Google DeepMind declared that its next LLM, will rival or even surpass openAI’s ChatGPT. DeepMind utilizes techniques taken from AlphaGo DeepMind’s AI-powered system which was the first AI to defeat human players of professional level in the game of Go and create the ChatGPT-like chatbot known as Gemini.

How do you think ChatGPT manage the privacy of data?

OpenAI has announced that users who reside in “certain jurisdictions” (such as the EU) can opt out of the processing of personal data through it’s AI algorithms by filling in the form. This is in addition to the possibility to request the removal of AI-generated information regarding you. However, OpenAI states that it is not able to give every request, as it has to weigh privacy requests against freedom of speech “in accordance with applicable laws”.

The form you can use to request an application to erase data regarding you is called ” OpenAI Personal Data Removal Request”.

In its privacy policies in its privacy policy, the ChatGPT maker makes a small acknowledgement of the requirements for objections that are a part of the use of “legitimate interest” (LI) by directing users to additional information on how to request an opt-out — and it states: “See here for instructions on how you can opt out of our use of your information to train our models.”

What are the controversies that have been a part of ChatGPT?

In the past, Discord announced that it had integrated OpenAI’s technology in its bot called Clyde in which two users manipulated Clyde to give them instructions for making the illicit methamphetamine (meth) as well as the explosive mixture napalm.

The Australian mayor has made public announcements that he is planning to take action against OpenAI in defamation because of ChatGPT’s false claims that he been in prison for corruption. It would be the first lawsuit for defamation filed against the company that creates text.

CNET discovered itself at the center of controversy following Futurism revealed that the publication was publishing content under a mysterious byline entirely created by AI. The private equity firm which is the owner of CNET, Red Ventures, was accused of employing ChatGPT to farm SEO, even if the data was inaccurate.

Many large school systems or colleges which includes New York City Public Schools, have removed ChatGPT from their devices and networks. They say that ChatGPT’s AI interferes with learning by encouraging plagiarism and false information the claim of which many educators do not agree with.

There have been instances that involve ChatGPT accusing people of committing fraud.

Where can I get some examples ChatGPT prompts?

A number of marketplaces host and offer ChatGPT prompts, either free or at a small cost. One is PromptBase. Another is ChatX. There are more launches every day.

Can ChatGPT be identified?

Poorly. A number of tools claim to detect ChatGPT-generated texts However, during the tests they’re inconsistent at the very best.

Are ChatGPT chats available to the public?

No. However, OpenAI has recently identified a flaw that was fixed and made the title of some users conversations to other users using the service.

Who owns the copyright to ChatGPT-created content and media?

The person who requested input from ChatGPT is the copyright owner.

What lawsuits have been filed in relation to ChatGPT?

No one specifically targets ChatGPT. However, OpenAI does appear to be in by at least one suit which could have implications for AI systems that are trained based on public data that could have an impact on ChatGPT.

Are there any issues with plagiarism when using ChatGPT?

Yes. Text-generating AI models such as ChatGPT tend to re-use content derived from their data training.


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