Delete All Social Media: Your Guide

Someone deleting social media apps from a smartphone

If you’re considering deleting your social media accounts, you may wonder where to begin. After all, the process of locating all of your spread-out social media accounts and deleting them can be overwhelming. Our guide provides you with consolidating instructions for deleting your accounts on the most popular social media websites around today.

Read on to find out all you need to know about deleting your social media accounts.

Why Delete Social Media?

Social media is often a controversial topic in today’s age, where so much of our lives revolve around online activities. While social media can be a great way to connect with others, keep track of our friends and families, and learn about different ways of life, it can also contribute to issues like depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders when not used in a healthy fashion.

It can be hard for many people to reduce their social media usage or regain a healthy relationship with social media. So many individuals delete all their social media accounts to make it easier to disconnect from unhealthy habits. Over time, some individuals may choose to start again with social media or leave their accounts deleted as they prefer it that way.

Whatever your reasons are, deleting all social media is possible as long as you carefully follow account deletion steps for each website you have accounts on.

Your Guide for Deleting Social Media Accounts

There are many social media websites around today that you may have an account on, such as:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • TikTok
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

Below, we give you the detailed steps for deleting your account on all of these sites. Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive, but if you need to delete an account on a platform we didn’t cover, your best option is to look at your account settings. Almost all deletions can be completed by following the instructions listed under your personal account on the website in question.


Deleting your Facebook account is simple. First, you will need to navigate your settings—this is done by tapping your profile picture located in the top right corner of the app or computer website. Next, access the settings and locate the option for “account information.” Click or tap this and then find the option that says “deactivation and deletion” or “deactivate account.” You can then click or tap on this option to delete your account. You will need to enter your Facebook password and confirm before your account is deleted.

If you choose the “deactivate” option, you can temporarily deactivate your Facebook account and take a break from social media, returning to Facebook when you’re ready.

When deleting your Facebook account, it’s important to note that you will also lose access to your Facebook Messenger account and all messages sent there. Additionally, you’ll no longer be able to access apps that use your Facebook information as a login or that are otherwise connected to your account.


To permanently delete your Instagram account, you will need to access your account via the web browser. Accessing your account and attempting deletion via the app will only allow you to temporarily deactivate it, meaning you can access it again and restore it at some point in the future.

For permanent deletion, navigate to Instagram’s website on a web browser and click on your account. Next, locate the account deletion option and click on it. You will be asked to submit a reason why you are deleting your account before you can submit your request and make your account deletion official.


Log in to Twitter and look to the left side of your profile, where you should see three dots and the word ‘more.” Click or tap on this and navigate down to the “settings and privacy” option. Tap or click on this and then scroll down until you see the option that says “deactivate your account.”

Twitter has a 30-day waiting period where you are able to stop the permanent deletion that kicks in after you submit the deactivation request. If you don’t log back in during this period, your Twitter account will be deleted permanently.


To delete your Snapchat account, you must use the online accounts portal. First, enter your username and password to log in, then scroll down to the menu option that says “delete my account.” Tap on this, follow the steps to confirm, and your account deletion will be started.

Similar to Twitter, you can log back into your Snapchat account within 30 days to stop the deletion. Your Snapchat account will be permanently deleted if you don’t do this.


TikTok has a relatively simple account deletion process. You will need to open the app and navigate to the bottom right corner, where you will find the “me” option. Tap on this, and you will be directed to your account. Tap the top right corner of this page, and you can select the option to “manage my account.” From there, select “delete my account” and tap the button to confirm. You may need to enter your password or a confirmation code to fully delete your account.


Access your LinkedIn account on your computer or another device to start the account deletion process. From there, navigate to the top right corner and select the “me” option. You will see an option for “my account” appear. Look at this and then select the “settings and privacy” option. This option will take you to your account management page, where you can select the “close account” option and follow the steps to permanently delete your LinkedIn account.


To delete your Pinterest account, find the three little dots in your homepage’s top right corner. Tap them, then tap or click “edit settings” once the option appears. You can then scroll down to the bottom to access the “deactivate account” option. Select this, give your reason for closing your account, and then submit the request to permanently delete your Pinterest account.

Ensuring Your Social Media is Deleted For Good

Once you’ve progressed through all of these steps to permanently delete all social media accounts, you may wonder if you are missing any accounts or websites.

You can easily determine if there are remaining social media accounts you need to delete by searching your email address on a reverse email lookup website, like Information.com. This tool will search publicly available information online and return to you all of the websites that your email might be connected to. From there, you can investigate each social media website or other online presences individually, taking the proper steps to delete any remaining accounts.