Kids Preschool Learning – ABCD Number Animals fruits

Kids Preschool Learning Games - 150 Toddler games

Kids PreSchool learning App for kids to learn at home. In this App, kids Learn the alphabet ABCD, Number 1 to 10, Fruits name, Animal Name, Day of the Week, Months Name, Write ABCD, Write numbers 1 to 10.

Kids Toddlers can practise the basics of the ABCD  alphabet and Numbers 1 to 10 using this app. Educational Apps increase child skills & interest in learning new things using the phone.

The app Preschool baby learning app is a fun educational game to improve child memory and offers free learning app for kids to make sharp. and learn fast with Image and sound.

 Kids Preschool Learning Games - 150 Toddler games

Kids PreSchool Learn ABCD Latter:-  In this App kids Learn Alphabet with Image and Sound of Letter with translation to help to easy and fast learning. kids see the image of the latter and sound take effect of the means of the latter.

Kids Learn Number 1234:- With this kids learn numbers 1 to 10 with image and sound also with show finger with one to ten and translation with one finger.

Kids Learning Fruits Name: –  here you can learn fruits name with Fruits image and the sound name also you can see the spelling of front.

Animal Name For Learn Kids: – The App have great things to learn faster and easy with play kids can learn and improve skills with playing time your kids learn share Animal name with the image of Animale and the spelling and sound.

Write Latter ABCD:  The App grate feature is to write Latter number in the kids show the image of latter and number and way to write the right way of latter and number withdrawing.

ADVANTAGES  of Kids PreSchool APP:
★ Kids Preschool Learning Games for little kids will improve kids memory and skills with a great mode of education for toddlers entering kindergarten, pre-k children to learn.
★ Educational Apps develop the concentration of kindergarten kids to learn the easy and fast way.
★ Kids pre k baby phone App will help to recognize digits, Latter and counting of numbers 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
★ Vocabulary Builder of letters of the alphabet & improve memory of kids at home.
★ Colouring pages fun help identify the Colors before they read books or ride the school bus. Best Coloring book app
★ Pre-K educational (All in one) app with transport vehicles and car games
★ Connect dots with balloon pop game is easy to use and perfect kids games
★ Baby educational games that will keep your preschool and kindergarten age kids train while children (toddlers) are learning
★ Kids Preschool Educational Memory puzzle brain trainer is designed as an educational tool by experts for preschool toddlers
★ Memory puzzle English Game user interface is the simple and fast way with clear images for Alphabet, Numbers, Colors, Animals, Fruits & Shapes
★ Toddler games will help your kid’s memory training and puzzle-solving

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