Reasoning MCQ Question and answers

Analogy Competitive Reasoning

Analogy Competitive Reasoning have become an extremely popular topic for the reasoning portion of all the major exams of the Government including Banks, Insurance, SSC and Railways.

Reasoning MCQ Question and answers

The weightage of the questions for reasoning analogies can range from 1-4 marks during various examinations for competitive candidates and they are able to score marks easily in these relatively simple questions.

Candidates can go through the comprehensive logic reasoning syllabus for different exams of the government at the link article’

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Reasoning MCQ Question and answers – Concept & Basics

Before tackling the problems the aspirant should understand the notion of analogy. Analogies are words that is used to describe making comparisons between two things or finding the relationship with two items.

Similar to the case of questions on Analogy when it comes to logic, a variety of options are provided, which could or might not be connected with one another. Candidates must figure out the most unusual choice.

Reasoning MCQ Question and answers

Analogies can be asked in different forms. Here are the types of questions that are asked in the context of analogies:

  • Numerical Analogy (Odd One Out) A number of choices could be provided in accordance with a particular pattern, but one option could not be in line with the pattern, and applicants have to pick the one that is odd.
  • Numerical Analogy (Choose an analogous pair) An analogy could be provided in the question and the candidates will need to locate an analogy similar to the one given which is based on the identical pattern. The options are given
  • The Alphabetical/Word Analogy (Odd one Out) (Odd One Out) Alternatives for different word analogies may be provided and, where one might not follow the pattern of the set, and candidates must find the odd one from the options given.
  • Word or Alphabetical Analogy (Choose an analogous pair) — Analogies can be provided based on a specific pattern. Candidates will need to identify the analogy word pair from the options provided, which follow the exact pattern.

When a student has solved questions that are based on these kinds of analogies, they will have a clearer idea about the idea and regarding how to tackle these types of questions.

Reasoning MCQ Question and answers

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