TikViral Ideas: How To TikTok Live Stream And Grow Your Community On TikTok?

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Do your business use TikTok live-streaming for developing your business? Then why not leverage the TikTok live videos to level up your reputation on the online market? Going Live on TikTok creates an excellent opportunity to connect with the audience in real-time. Now, TikTok wants to make the Live feature a commerce thing. So if you’re going to drive the attention of millions, you can buy tiktok views and advance your fame. 

For instance, the Douyin brand recently generated $119 worth of product sales through live-streaming on TikTok. TikTok has recently conducted a study based on the features that create more income in the business. The study has resulted in compelling stats that companies can confidently go for TikTok Live for shopping the products. In that study, they found the following results, 

  • Nearly ⅕ of the live stream users watch TikTok Live every day (i.e., 62% of TikTok users). 
  • TikTok users are more interested in watching branded Live content. 
  • Moreover, 50% of TikTok users are more interested in buying things after watching the products in the Live stream. 

Many marketers are still puzzled about how to go on TikTok Live and what tactics are used here. So, if you are puzzled, you have come to the right place! So, let’s get into the article to learn more about Live-streaming. Let’s begin! 

How To TikTok Live Stream And Grow Your Community On TikTok?

Aspects Of The TikTok Live Feature

Now the TikTok Live feature is not available to everyone. Only if you have 1k followers and are 16 years old can you access the Live part. Another exciting thing about the Live feature is that you can receive virtual gifts from people watching Live. Before getting into the Live, you should be frequent with the Live accessibility and features. Only then can you utilize it to the fullest potential and be able to improve the reach. 


TikTok Live And Its Function

TikTok Live is a feature where it allows users and creators to interact with the audience effectively. You can include many filters, effects, emojis, etc., to make your Live more interesting. If you need to build a solid fanbase with TikTok Live, you can try using TikViral, which shall improve your stardom.  


A Complete Guide To Go Live On TikTok

If you follow the easy steps, then you can quickly go Live on TikTok, 

  • Open the TikTok app and tap on the ‘+ ‘icon at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Now the camera screen will appear on the screen. Here you can swipe to the ‘Live’ option. 
  • Now you can go on for Live by writing a title for your stream. Ensure you select a title and image that grab the eyes of your followers’ attention, and they hop on to your Live stream. Your title should be around 32 characters and clear and concise, establishing the primary goal of your Live stream. 
  • Now on Live, your followers will receive the notification. Once the information is sent, they can open your Live and join it immediately. 


Beneficial Features Of Going Live 

  • You can add 20 co-hosts alongside you on your Live. Isn’t it interesting? To make people more engaging, having co-hosts is the best choice. 
  • Once you go live, you can see the circular blue and pinkish icon. You can also enable comments so that the audience will be able to say their opinions. They can clear their doubts and queries in the comment section. 
  • In the comment section, the host people can address the audience and share the links that the audience needs.  


Best Practices To Grow Your Community Through TikTok Live

  1. Define the objectives and goals of your Live. Next, the creators must figure out their plan to take the Live streamlined in real-time. 
  2. Choose a wise, engaging, and trendy topic. Going Live on TikTok is not a one-time show. You have to discuss it with your peers and have a complete analysis of your subjects. 
  3. Plan a structure of how to go with the Live stream. First, greet the audience and introduce yourself. Be authentic and have a kind tone. Then begin to interact with the audience and answer with your spontaneity. 
  4. Go Live when your audience is active. Going Live when nobody is online doesn’t reap any benefits. It is better to schedule your Live streams, which would be perfect. 
  5. Take care of your technicalities and promote your Live sessions beforehand so that the engagement would be more. 



TikTok Live is a buzzing feature where you can increase your brand awareness and generate more leads and conversions. Now with this article, you know how to go Live on TikTok. It’s high time that you can draft your structure and shall go on Live. If you are going for Live for the first time, then go confidently without any doubts. If you need to boost your online performance, you can use TikViral and reap better results.