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Focusing on what your kids eat before they have practice is important, but you should also consider what they eat after practice. After kids exercise, they will need the right kind of food to help build and repair muscle, as well as regain their energy. Here are 10 of the best foods to eat after a workout for kids:


Sweet potatoes:  Sweet potatoes are healthy carbs that are extremely versatile. Load them up with veggies and add chicken. Then you have a complete meal!

Flavoured Milk: Some studies show that low-fat milk is actually better for muscle recovery than sports drinks. Plus, your kids can choose the flavour they want!

Fruits: Fruits such as pineapple, any type of berries, and bananas are some of the best foods to eat after a workout for kids. Pair them with yoghurt or peanut butter for a great post-workout snack.

Pasta: Not only will pasta replenish the glycogen your kids have lost during practice, but it will also give them the energy they need.

Dark, leafy vegetables: Not only will dark, leafy vegetables provide carbs, they also contain minerals and vitamins that are essential to a healthy diet. These include kale, cabbage, and spinach.

Five Best Foods to Give Children Before they Exercise

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