LTE Tutorial Long-Term Evolution

5G and 4G Comparison

A Short comparison of 5G and 4G technologies is given is table below

TechnologyData RatesLatencyMobility SupportSpectrum EfficiencyUsers DensityEnergy Efficiency
5G (NR)Avg 100 Mb/s Peak 20 Gb/s~ 1 ms> 500 Km/hx3 Better
DL- 30 bits/Hz UL- 15bits/Hz
1000K/square Kmx100 Better
4G (LTE)Avg 25 Mb/s Peak 300 Mb/s~10- 50 msUpto 350 Km/hDL – 6 bits/Hz UL- 4 Bits/Hz~ 2K / square KmModerate