LTE Tutorial Long-Term Evolution 

LTE Network in Box -LTE NIB

A LTE NIB is a compact box that includes an eNodeB base station and integrated EPC or Mini-EPC. NIB offers standard authorized IP connectivity for LTE users. NIB can integrate additional components such as IMS to provide  services like Voice over LTE  and push-to-talk . The local Mini EPC  can also serve limited neighboring eNodeBs (Four-Five), if back-haul transport connections can be established.

Base station inside the Box shall have macro base station capabilities and eNodeB  platform shall run Mini-EPC  in virtual environment. Based on the requirement of Compact size, low power consumption the eNodeB can a Micro cell or Pico cell, but cell should have enough processing power and memory to support Mini-EPC functionality.

Mini-EPC inside NIB includes key functions for authorized access, session and mobility management, and IP connectivity. Additional  network services, such as VoLTE, can also be included. NIB architecture must be flexible for future evolution. Management and deployment of Mini-EPC functions and applications can be utilized using network functions virtualization (NFV) technologies.