Fitness Step Counter – Android App Template

Step Fit – step counter app
The BEST on foot app to matter & track my steps, additionally a Weight Loss Tracker App! Walking is ideal for fitness and is also a terrific manner to shed pounds. Just cross for a stroll every day to a better me with better health!

Step Counter and Tracker intended for strolling is a super strolling application to follow steps taken, calories consumed, time spent in strolling and separation secured and produce related reports for you. The strolling report in the means strolling application will record and show the information it gets and figures, helping you track your strolling steps and weight reduction progress.

 Fitness Step Counter - Android App Template

Fitness Step Counter – Android App Template

Step FitFeatures :

  • Automatic step counter with the built-in sensor.
  • Walking for Weight Loss
  • Report on steps
  • Report of time,
  • Report on distance
  • Report on calories burned.
  • BMI Calculator
  • BMR Calculator
  • Alarm
  • Stopwatch
  • Timer


– Android studio


  • Unzip Project File
  • Open Project File On Android Studio
  • Run Project
  • Open README files for instructions
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