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Temu is looking to introduce its own. It’s kind of.  A shopping app that places an emphasis on low-cost products in a truly awe-inspiring range of categories of products, Temu launched in the U.S. in less than one year ago.

what is temu

In December, thanks to a frenzied online marketing campaign the app had become one of the top downloaded apps for free in both Apple as well as Google Play app stores. In January, it was home to been reported to have 19 million downloads. That wasn’t even just before it spent money on two ads at the Super Bowl.

This Super Bowl ad, curiously it was a surprisingly boring exercise that ranked 50th of 51 advertisements in the USA The Today’s Super Bowl Ad Meter ranking. In essence, it depicts an attractive young lady looking through an endless collection of deals on her smartphone and effortlessly purchasing things for her and the varied number of people living in her comfortable surroundings and a cheesy advertisement suggests that if you utilize this app you also could “shop as a millionaire.” Although it was nice advertising, it didn’t include surprising effects, spectacular effects, or celebrity. With its second expensive slots, Temu simply showed this identical ad.

What exactly is Temu selling

So , what exactly is What exactly is Temu selling? The app’s primary explanation is that it’s an app that is fun to use with a wide array of bargains. But the deeper explanation is more engaging and clarifies what the company is selling and the things it’d prefer to not be focusing on.

Temu’s owners are Chinese mobile e-commerce company PDD Holdings, valued at 118 billion dollars. The majority of its business is in China the company was launched Temu in September of last year as its first attempt at becoming an app that is truly global in its offerings. Temu is often compared with its fellow Chinese online retailer Shein which is most well recognized for its fashion-forward selection and its popularity among Gen Z as in the midst of controversy about the labor and environmental impacts of its relentlessly high-priced and high-turnover business model.

Temu also has a system designed to let consumers purchase directly from Chinese producers. Although this is easy to miss, it is briefly mentioned in the advertisement–a happy gift-giver opens a box that flutters open, a kind of doorway to a vibrant factory, and then a smiling employee handing over another Temu-branded gift.

It’s a disturbing image when you look at it this way – subordinate workers being are kept in the shadows and out of the mind as customers frolic in the sunshine. The jingle’s lyrics offer an even more shrewd spin: everything you purchase, you “get directly from the manufacturer.

” Whatever the case it’s not the result of Temu’s system (or Shein’s in fact) It’s at the heart of the. “The purpose of these apps is to enable Chinese merchants and manufacturers to offer their products to the world at large,” The Washington Post‘s Shira Ovide has recently pointed out.

temu reviews Overview

Temu reviews  has a consumer rating of 3.56 stars from 172 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with Temu.com most frequently mention free shipping, good price and small items.Temu.com ranks 3rd among Social Shopping sites.

  • Service  123
  • Value  126
  • Shipping  130
  • Quality  115


However it’s certainly not the core in this Temu pitch. Alongside prices that are that are so low, you’re “like the size of a billionaire” Temu offers an absolute variety of goods. As those who’ve experienced the brand’s aggressive marketing on the internet, there are some that are a bit odd . . . It is especially prominent all. The homepage of the app is an explosion of options with 12 sponges for $2.48 and the pink travel bag costing $13.83, Lenovo earbuds for $9.48 as well as the “soft toe corrector” priced at $1.79 as well as a dinosaur dog costume (pictured on the feline) for $4.98 as well as an stainless-steel corn plane costing $2.08 and so on.

The listings are saturated with a variety of sales and sales specials, with labels that resemble QVC and claim to display how many of an item has been sold, as well as offers to earn credits through encouraging people to download the application. (Its name may be derived of “team up.”)

There is also the option to shop by category or look up something of interest. (Gadsden flag? Sure, $3.48.) However you browse there’s a strong emphasis on “discovery”–that is getting enticed by something you didn’t realize you desired until the app revealed it to you. It also comes with a the price of a bargain included.

Is Temu legit clothing store?

Yes, Temu is a legitimate and reliable online shopping site, which launched in the US in September 2022. It offers high-quality items ranging from home and

Alongside offering high-quality products at affordable costs, Temu offers a Purchase Protection Program to help customers shop securely and with security.

In the case of Temu the Purhcase protection, consumers are entitled to full refunds on items that do not arrive damaged or arrive in a damaged condition or don’t meet the standards described. So, customers can purchase from small-scale companies on Temu without having to worry about not getting their money back in the event that there’s a problem.

In addition to Temu Purchase security, Temu also offers a range of shopping benefits that are convenient. In short, here are some of the main benefits:

  • $5 credit if your order arrives late,
  • Free returns up to 90 days from purchase
  • A simple return and refund process via their mobile or website.

Temu app android & iOS

Temu app

Temu: Shop Like a Billionaire Android App

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From fashion to home decor, handmade crafts, beauty & cosmetics, clothing, shoes, and more, products you’ll love are just a tap away.

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