How to Find Software Developers in 2023? 5 Experts Tips

There are a few things to think about before you start hiring engineers for your startup. You may already have a business plan, but asking a developer to join your team by saying, “I’m building a billion-dollar business, want to be part of it?” won’t work.

These are the 5 main steps to hiring developers for your startup:

1. Specify the Project You Are Building 

Defining the scope of your project is the first and most important step when looking to hire developers in Argentina for your firm. While technical issues are important, it’s just as important to make sure your project is in line with its overall aim and guiding principles. This strategy fits millennials’ inclinations, who are increasingly drawn to businesses that foster a strong feeling of community.

You can use the following fundamental inquiries as a guide:

  • What’s the topic of my project?
  • Who are my primary target users? Mobile? Web?
  • What is the need for a developer?

2. Make Finding Talent a Priority

Starting a business might be difficult, but to avoid financial effects, hiring well is essential. Software flaws cost the economy $2 trillion in 2020, according to estimates. The average cost of hiring the incorrect employee was $15,000 for 74% of firms. Finding developers who are enthusiastic and with the requisite skills should be a top priority, as should setting aside time for sourcing and hiring applicants.

3. Understand the Technicalities

Since there is a lot of intricacy in software development, it is essential that job descriptions be truthful. Given that developers with the same job title and skillset may undertake various activities, it is crucial to have clear expectations and an understanding of the function. If you are not technically inclined, speak with support to obtain a detailed description of the developer you require. Different types of developers with specialized knowledge exist.

4. Getting Ready for the Interview

Whiteboard tests have historically been ineffective at assessing a developer’s skill level. As an alternative, various tasks like little projects can assist in deciding whether a prospect is worth recruiting. Startups should look for engineers who have passion, value, and value. To determine if a candidate will fit into the team, find out about their personality, aspirations, and prior performance.

5. Hire remotely to increase your pool of talent

Top talent may be drawn to living in innovation centres like Silicon Valley, but if not, think about taking a global perspective. Accepting international applications improves the likelihood of luring top talent. A remote developer can be brought on board in as little as two weeks, saving both time and money. Startups that have their “headquarters” in a person’s house or garage profit from the low cost and accessibility.


A planned approach is needed to locate the best software engineers for your firm in 2023. Technical proficiency is important, but so is adhering to the mission and values of your project. Prioritize talent acquisition to prevent costly errors because choosing the wrong employee can have a big financial impact.

Even if you are not a technical specialist yourself, it is essential to understand the technical components of the function. The secret to finding the correct fit is having clear job descriptions and expectations. Instead of using the standard whiteboard exam during interviews, focus on a candidate’s enthusiasm, values, and ability to cooperate with others.

Finally, broaden your search beyond the local talent pool. Accept remote employment to have access to a wider range of knowledge and expertise, enabling your startup to prosper and innovate on a global level.