How to upload ipa file to app store connect

app Store connect

Hi iOS Developer in this article I am share,  How to upload ipa file to app store connect. In this blog you can file step by step guide. If your  and Android and iOS app developer and you want to publish your iOS on App Store without using XCode.

If your are new in iOS App development and your want to learn how to create a iOS App on App Store and you to upload the ipa file on app store connect follow the blow easy understand.

How to Create a App On App Store Connect

Lets Start to create a  New iOS App of App Store. For publish an app on App Store first you need to create a App and Once we get the IPA file you  will upload it to the App Store Connect so we can use it for  Testflight or darect send it for publication to the App Store.

Step 1: Access the App Store Connect with link. and login with your App Store Details.


app Store connect

Step 2: After Login Successfully you can click on MY Apps 

once you app store account is login you can click on my Apps and see the all apps publish by you. then click on the + icons for Create a new App.

Create a new iOS app

Step 3: In Platforms, you can select   iOS

Step 4: Type the name of the app it will Showing on the App Store and select the Primary Language.
Step 5: Next you can select the App Bundle ID.
Step6: In SKU enter any number. You can think of it as a number that you create to keep track of your applications. It’s comparable to a product identification number. Not visible on the App Store.
publish ios app ipa file
Step 7: Finally click Create.

After your app create successfully you can publish your App. For Uploading ios App ipa file we need to Install Transporter App on your Mac book.

install transporter app on mac

After install the App you can login into with App store details and upload the .ipa file. After successfully upload ipa file you can deliver the App for App store and you web login app store connect you can select the upload build and send Submit for App Review.

It may take some time for the package to appear in App Store Connect (can be minutes or up to an hour). You can check the status in the Activity section on the App Store Connect page.
If you get an alert with the message that some tools are missing and you need Xcode, you will need to install Xcode from the Mac App Store.

select you ipa file

Remember that for each package you upload to App Store Connect the Build Number on the Bravo publication form needs to be higher than the previous one.


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