Key Tips for UPSC IAS Exam

Key Tips for UPSC IAS Exam

Aspirants preparing for the UPSC exam want to clear this on their first attempt. UPSC Civil Service is one of the prestigious government examinations.

Tips to Clear the UPSC Exam on The First Attempt

The Syllabus Is the Foremost Step

The syllabus is one of the essential elements. So, at the beginning of preparation, download the syllabus from the official website. There may be a possibility that you may take 20 days or more to understand the syllabus. 

While reading the syllabus, try to analyze the topics common to prelims and mains, as it will help you manage your time and focus on essential topics. You can also watch the youtube videos of Physics Wallah to understand the UPSC syllabus better.

Hard Work Is Not Adequate

Hard work is required to succeed in this examination, but only hard work will not work, especially when you want to ace this examination. On the very first attempt, smart work is of great importance to hard work. 

For instance, you can do smart work by understanding the pattern and the type of questions asked. Also, following the different approaches for the topics, more questions come in the exam. Furthermore, UPSC online classes are one of the best mediums to prepare for.

Prepare comprehensive notes

To clear an exam like UPSC, multiple times revision is one of the essential keys. Preparing comprehensive notes will be very helpful in retaining important information.

Handwritten notes are especially useful to recall at times of examination. If you are someone who wants to crack this exam on his very first attempt, then you should make handwritten notes.

Choose the Right Coaching

It is a problem with many aspirants who are not able to understand the exam properly though it does not mean that they do not have the potential to crack the exam. If there is a lack of familiarity, choosing the right coaching is beneficial as it will help get experts’ mentorship. 

Moreover, coaching provides updated study material which can be very helpful in getting good results in less time. The UPSC online classes are also one of the best ways to prepare.

Covering current affairs

Newspapers are an essential part of the UPSC exam. The examination of UPSC is designed in such a manner that knowing current affairs is very important.

Moreover, some students get confused regarding which newspaper to read. Do not get confused reading multiple newspapers, such as the Indian Express, The Hindu, etc.

Answer writing practice

Do as much as the practice of answer writing. The Mains paper is about how you will write the answers. After clearing the prelims exam, it becomes extremely important to start practicing the answer writing. Also, if you want to manage your time effectively, UPSC online classes are the best option.

Some Additional Tips

  • To enhance concentration, practice yoga or any exercise
  • Keep a balanced diet; the healthier you stay, efficiently you can study
  • Sleep is essential as it is one of the best ways to feel refreshed
  • Make some hobbies and take out time to complete that. The UPSC journey is quite long, so the hobby will be something that will help to maintain your level of stress
  • Stay away from negative people, at least for the time being, when you are in the phase of preparation
  • Avoid distraction. For instance, social media is one of the biggest distractions. So, if you are using it so much, try to balance it out
  • Make a schedule, as it will help you to manage your time effectively
  • Stay focused and prepare honestly, and follow your daily routine

Wrapping up

Cracking the UPSC is a challenging task, and proper guidance and coaching can help you to ace the examination. In this blog post, we discussed many vital tips that can help you in preparation if appropriately followed. 

Choosing the best online coaching for UPSC is one of the significant ways to handle the preparation. To get more information about UPSC and related things, you can visit the website of Physics Wallah.