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Learn Flutter Layout Cheat Sheet

flutter layout builder

In this flutter tutorial, we are learning about the flutter layout builder used in a flutter. So don’t west of time and let’s learn the flutter layout cheat sheet below. This layout helps you to make a mobile app using flutter.

flutter layout builder

The flutter Layout Builder is to build the widget in Flutter helps you build a widget and its tree that can depend on widget layout on the parent widget’s size width, and height.

flutter layout widgets.

The main concept of the layout apparatus is the widget. We know that flutter assumes every single thing as a widget. Here, the text widget comes under the container for adding an edge. The entire row is also placed in a container for adding edge and padding around the row.

Flutter Layout Cheat Sheet.

StatelessWidget:– A widget that cannot be re-drawn by changes to its properties is called StatelessWedget.

StatefulWidget:-  The stateful Widget can be redrawn when its setState function is called.

Center:- A widget used to center its child inside the parent widget.

Column:- The column widget lays out its child widgets also add in vertically.

Row:-  Row widget accepts a list of layouts and lays them out horizontally.

ListView:-  The list view is a very helpful widget to show a large number of data usually of type ListTile, linearly

GridView:- Divides the horizontal and vertical space into your grids layout.

Plugins:- The plugin is a program that extends the capabilities of a flutter on various platforms.

Packages:- Use flutter as their base to add new functionality to flutter itself.

Container:- A stateless widget usually used to contain another layout with decorations.

Image:- A Image widget used to display images either locally or from the network.

Text:- Display texts can be styled using its property of TextStyle that can show a label.

Scaffold:- A stateful widget that is used for the start point of your App.

AppBar:- AppBar is embedded usually inside your scaffold to display a bar on the top of your App.

Stack:- You use this layout in order to display widgets that consume the same space.

GestureDetector:- A stateless widget that can detect various gestures.

Icons:- A stateless layout that is usually used to display an object with an object type IconDate.

PageView:- PageView is used to scroll and paginate your widgets, great for image galleries.

LayoutBuilder:– A widget that gives you information about the parent layout.

FutuerBuilder:- It is a Layout that child widget based on the status of a future.

StreamBuilder:- Listens to a stream and builds a widget-based o change to the stream’s status.