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Android recyclerview item color change example

In this android recyclerview example, we learn to change item color when it clicks. Hey here is the solution to changing the background color of a selected list item in the recycler view list. it's very easy you can just follow the step for Changing the background color of the selected item in recycler view. ******* Change in onBindViewHolder ******* android recyclerview adapter. You can follow the below change in your android recyclerview adapter class and set item color on click on an item. When the user clicks recycler view...
Android development

Features of Android

Features of android operating system Android General Features:- 1.    Messaging:-   SMS, & MMS are available in messaging. 2.    Auto-Correction and Dictionary:-   Android Operating System has an interesting feature called Auto-Correction. When any word is misspelled, then Android recommends the meaningful and correct words matching the words that are available in Dictionary. 3.    Web browser:- Based on the open-source WebKit layout engine, coupled with Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine supporting HTML5 and CSS3. 4.    Voice-based features:-  Google search through voice has been available since the initial release. Voice actions for calling, texting,...
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