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The Pear Deck computer-based tool provides teachers with more control of their graphics when they use Google Slides. As an add-on, it seamlessly integrates into the Google suite to provide engaging content that engages students for teachers.

Make formative assessments quickly by using templates created to be used in the middle, at the beginning or at the end of the class. From customized questions to audio-based additions, Pear Deck offers lots of customization options for teachers. It is a Google-owned service and it is accessible on numerous devices and amazingly, totally cost-free to make use of.

What is Pear Deck?

Pear Deck (opens in a new tab) is a Google Slides add-on designed to aid teachers in creating captivating slideshow-style content in the classroom as well as to facilitate remote education. Since it is Google-integrated the program lets teachers create or modify their presentations inside their own Google accounts.

The concept is to mix slides with interactive questions that help improve inquiry-based learning. Students are able to learn independently in the classroom and also remote.

Pear Deck allows teachers to observe the deck in real time so that they can observe who is taking part at the moment. Students’ responses are displayed on the screen of the teacher in real-time regardless of whether they are working remotely.

Teachers can design presentations, share them, and even present presentations using Pear Deck presentations via a tablet or laptop quickly. There are some apps, however user reviews aren’t the best because of difficulties with their use. It’s generally easier to use this through using a web browser.

Join PD Pear Deck for Teachers Highlights:

1. Pear Deck utilizes the services of Microsoft Office apps such as PowerPoint Online, and in fact, the company operates in close collaboration with Google applications to support K12 education. Pear’s software allows instructors, as well as instructors to take advantage of the analytics and create an assessment using a set of interactive questions that enhance the students’ experience in the classroom.

2. Teachers can create greater engagement with the lesson through the use of Add-ins for the current PowerPoint Online presentation. Students should get details from OneDrive. The time required for uploading or downloading is decreased to zero regardless of file size.

3. Teachers can design their own activities to make their lessons accessible. Teachers have the freedom to create an answer sheet, and to conduct multiple-choice web questions on slides to instruct students. Certain Premium features such as drawing and the ability to drag responses are associated with PowerPoint. PowerPoint presentation.

4. Pear Deck Accessible on all Devices:

5. Teachers can give the slides, and students are able to access the sessions digitally using the internet on any gadget remotely. Students are able to provide instant responses to the slides, and the answers of the students appear in anonymity on the screen in the classroom. This helps keep the identity of the student private and allows them to communicate ideas as part of discussions. This process allows for better interaction sessions in the process of learning.

Custom Made Workshops:

1. Pear Deck team members coach departments as well as schools and districts by facilitating specific training sessions.

2. The goal is to ensure that participants in the workshop proficient with the tools of software applications.

3. Participants in the workshop will be charged based on the duration of the workshop and the number of participants.

Pear Deck Beginners Webinars:

The company develops webinars specifically for those who are new to the field. The feature of lock-step enables one to learn at the pace that suits one’s needs. This is why the Pear Deck encourages students to look over the method by which interactive presentations are created.

Teacher Dashboard Shared on a Personalized Level:

1. The teacher is able to provide individual attention to the progress of each student by having the dashboard accessible to the public view. The teacher also has the ability to decide regarding the specific student’s reaction on the teacher’s dashboard.

2. Features such as adapt, pause, and back up, and repeating an explanation are intriguing features that will surely benefit students.

3. The Microsoft technologies connect a teacher’s dashboard to special educators, co-teachers and even substitutes. Microsoft provides students’ information with other students in real-time. These teams of experts can give valuable information in format of direct feedback.

4. The interaction between Microsoft Teachers enables all to meet the varied demands of students with regard to digital learning.

5. Microsoft teams offer teachers with the required access and control over the software. Once the class session starts, students enrolled in the class will receive updates about the next digital class.

Simple and Transparent Pricing:

Individuals/teachers/schools/districts can get started either with basic, individual premium, and schools & districts ( custom) packages. The basic package costs free, but the premium package is for an individual( $149.99 each year) and Custom packages are based on the selected features.

Participate in PD Pear Deck Sign up at

1 Step: To gain access to Join PD The Pear Desk page Users should access Pear Deck Portal. Pear Deck Portal i.e.

2 step:A User can click the Register to Get the Free Option.

Pear Deck Sign up at

3 Step: one can make login to the pear deck using an account with Google account or Microsoft account.

Pear Deck Teacher Login - Join PD

4 Step: If you click the link to login using Googleand the website will take them to the next page and it will be named”Let’s Create Your Account.

Pear Deck Teacher Login

5 Step:The individual will be required choose the job title to which they belong for example, Teacher Administrator of the Student District Technology integration, instructor consultant, ….etc.

Pear Deck Login app 2022 Join PD Login Code Teacher

Example: The user clicks the link ‘other.



6 Step: The Web portal will go to the next page “Choose an Account’ and then to proceed on to the pear deck, you must select an account as a user. Enter the user’s name and password and press the next button.

7 Step: The Web portal should bring you to the next dialog box. The user has to enter their password and then click to go on.

8 Step: First, Pear Deck will ask for access to Google’s account, and in a manner it wishes be able to access the Google account of the user. The second step is to grant permissions to edit, creating and deleting specific files being used within the app. If the user presses the button to allow, then they gets permission to access the portal for the pear deck for access. In the event that they do not, access to the user is restricted.

9 Step; The Pear Deck will give a join code which gives access to the website portal to the user.

Pear Deck Teacher Login / Student Login Join PD

Everyone wants to protect their privacy and online accounts However, these accounts are at risk of being leaked accidentally for example, if you forget to erase personal data when using social media sites or handling electronic devices. Personal details need to be taken note of when it comes to protecting your personal data. Here are the details about the login of a teacher at Peardeck .

Pear Deck Login

Teacher Login. Sign on into Pear Deck using your Google or Microsoft account:

Pear Deck Auth Home

Teacher Login. Register on with Pear Deck using your Google or Microsoft account:

Educators – Pear Deck Remote

teachers, 90% of them agreed teachers, 90% agreed that Pear Deck is an effective and necessary tool for remote-based teaching. If you’re new to the field learning how to use Pear Deck to teach Asynchronous and synchronous lessons. get our instructional materials for free and learn helpful tips and tricks from your fellow educators. Try Pear Deck.

Pear Deck Singhin

into more engaging, dynamic, and efficient lessons.

Welcome to Pear Deck Aministrators – Pear Deck

Students and teachers will reap the advantages of learning using Pear Deck!

Pear Deck Microsoft

Login. Log in to Pear Deck. Log into Pear Deck to help make the tools you use each day more effective with Pear Deck. Log in to Pear Deck …

Pear Deck Join

Teachers can create engaging learning opportunities for every student, each day, with the tools that you already know and appreciate.

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