What is Google Docs? How to use sheets.google.doc

Google Docs, first released in 2006, is a no-cost online word processing program inn the sense that files can be made, edited and saved in Google Docs Editors, a Google Docs Editors suite of free web-based apps. 
The cloud-based productivity platform comprises Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Drawings, Google Forms, Google Sites and Google Keep.Google Docs users can import to, edit, and edit online documents using different types of fonts and formats. These documents can be accessed via any computer connected to access to the internet and a internet browser.Users have access to documents via mobile devices that run Android, Chrome or iOS operations systems, as well as create new documents that they can work on using their devices.

What is the use of Google Docs used?

To utilize the program it is necessary to create an account for account for a free Google account. It will also provide them with an Gmail account with an email. To start, visit docs.google.com or by going to Google Docs from their Gmail or Google Drive online storage account.Access to Google Workspace is free to everyone. Google’s business offerings, Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), provides these applications with additional functionality for business in a monthly contract.

The advantages of Google Docs

One of the primary advantages of Google Docs Google Docs is the fact that users can view the history of revisions of any modifications in Google documents, and also when the modifications were made in the history of revisions.

Users also have the ability to decide who can view their work, so privacy can be protected in both a personal and business environment. It also comes with built-in commenting tools to let users talk about changes and work together while they’re being implemented.

Furthermore, since documents are online and are saved on computers used by users There is no chance of data loss total in the event of an incident local to the area.

This is why Google Docs is an ideal word processing tool for businesses, blog authors or students using it to write their assignments.

Google Docs vs. Microsoft Word

Although Google Docs and Microsoft Word are both utilized for word processing however there are some major differences between these two applications.

Google Docs is a free web-based program, and Microsoft Word is part of the Microsoft Office suite that must be purchased to be able to use it.

Users can save Microsoft Word documents or Google Docs offline or in the cloud through Microsoft OneDrive for the former, and Google Drive for the latter.

Finally the two programs, Google Docs and Microsoft Word have real-time collaboration capabilities built-in. It means two to three users are able to collaborate and exchange documents in real time.

Alternative Google alternative for Microsoft Office products:

As previously mentioned in the previous paragraph, the Google Docs application is only one of the many Google applications available to boost productivity and simplify operations in the business. Here are a few examples of other applications within its product suites:

  • Google Sheets is the Google’s version of Microsoft Excel, which provides the ability to edit and create spreadsheets in real time.
  • Google Slides can be described as the alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint and includes a assortment of themes, templates, transitions and much more.
  • Google Drive is Google’s cloud-based file storage service like Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Google Calendar is Google’s application for managing time which can be used to plan appointments, create reminders, and much more.
  • Google Hangouts is Google’s message platform which can be used to have audio, text and video calls.
  • Google Forms is the Google’s forms maker, which allows you to design questionnaires, surveys, quizzes, and more.

Problems with Google Docs

Google Docs is a cloud service. Google Docs has given rise to concern among authors who believe their work could not be secure or private. Although Google takes steps to ensure privacy of users however, security of data cannot be assured.

For instance, Google Docs may become unavailable, or users might lose access to the service if Google is experiencing downtime. Google cannot guarantee that the information can be retrieved once Google’s services resume.

Furthermore the Google’s algorithms which look to look for the presence of spam and offensive content might detect legitimate content as offensive, leading the documents to disappear from Google Drive.

It is possible to avoid this by studying the Google Terms of Service regarding unacceptable materials and ways to protect your Google account by using the two-factor authentication and passwords that are strong.

Although Google Docs has a number of advantages, it is perfect for collaborative projects or people who require real-time collaboration features integrated in their Word processors.

FAQ :-

How to change margins in google docs

Sometimes you’ll need to adjust how much space you have in your file in order to ensure that it is just right. It’s easy, Google Docs provides two different ways to set them the way you want. In this tutorial you’ll be taught how to utilize to use the rule of the rulerin your document, and also use the Page Settingupdialog box to define the margins.

Another way to alter the margins is by going into the Page Setupdialog box.

  • Select Fileand choose page setup.
  • You can now change the margin by simply clicking on a box and entering an additional measurement.
  • Select “OK”when the process is complete.
  • Margins default setting at one inch for each side. You can alter the margins by clicking the Set as Default buttonafter you alter the margins.
  • The default margins are applied when you create a new document. They won’t impact the existing document.

How to delete a page in google docs

  1. Open your Google Docs document.
  2. Find the page you wish to remove.
  3. Make sure you hold and press your mouse near at the upper right corner of your page.
  4. Drag your mouse down the page to the end of text. 
  5. Press Delete or Backspace.
  6. The page should be deleted.

How to Remove an Unwanted Blank Page at the End of a Document

One of the most common issues that is common with Google Docs is finding that there is a white page in the top of the document. It is possible to remove this page if you intend to print your Google document. If you’re sharing your Google document for work However, you likely don’t want an empty page at the end.

There are several ways you can make sure that you remove empty pages from the bottom the document.

How to check word count on google docs

Find the words in a lengthy document

Tips:Use this feature for lengthy documents, such as screenplays or novels.

  1. On your PC, open a document on Google Docs. Google Docs.
  2. To see the count of characters, words, and pages, on right at the very top, just click the Tools and then to count words..
  3. For closing the browser, press Close.

Keep track of the number of words as you type

TIP:Use this feature for smaller documents, such as news articles or school papers.

  1. To determine the word count as you type, look for “Display word count while typing” and then OK.
  2. On the left side in the lower left Word count box. It will display:
    • Pages
    • Words
    • Characters
    • Characters that do not have spaces
  3. To make the word count invisible In the lower left hand corner, select the word count box. and then To hide the words count.



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