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5g technology

5G Network Abbreviations and Terminologies

5G Network Abbreviations and Terminologies Below is the list of a few 5G Network Abbreviations and Terminologies used in 5G NR. Our team is continuously updating it. Please do visit regularly to get in touch with new terminology and abbreviations related to 5G. New RAN: A Radio Access Network which can support either NR/E-UTRA or both and have capabilities to interface with Next-Generation Core Network (NG-CN). NG-C/U is the Control/User Plane interface toward NG-CN gNB: New Radio (NR) Base stations which shall have the capability to interface with 5G Core named...
5g technology

5G New Radio (NR)

5G New Radio (NR) is the wireless standard that will become the foundation for the next generation of mobile networks. 5G NR development is part of continuous mobile broadband evolution process to meet the requirements of 5G as outlined by IMT-2020, similar to evolution of 3G and 4G wireless technologies. 5G New Radio (NR) In past 3G and 4G connected people, where as future 5G will connect everything means 5G NR will be connecting  our smartphones, cars, meters, wearables and etc. It aims to make wireless broadband same as of wireline with the fiber-like...