IoT technology - internet of things

Beacons Hardware Vendors

Beacon Hardware Key Players Continuing our Beacon study, here we are with the second article on Beacons. In this we primarily discuss various key players for Beacon Hardware. There are a number of Beacon / i-Beacon hardware vendors and some are listed below, along with their capabilities and use cases. Estimote: Estimote Beacons are small wireless sensors that can be located at any location or can be attached with an object. These are basically used for proximity application to get nearby locations and objects, objects type, ownership, approximate location, temperature and...
IoT technology - internet of things

Narrow Band (NB) -IoT Modem Chip Vendors

There are a number of wireless technologies available for the Internet of things. These are mainly divided into two categories: Short Range (Zigbee, WiFi, Bluetooth, Z wave) Long Range (LoRa, SigFox, NB-IoT ) NB – IoT refers to the technology of the narrowband Internet of things a cellular IoT technology developed as part of 3GPP Release 13 and Release 14. To know more about NB-IoT do read our post following post Narrow Band LTE- NB-IoT In this post, we will be discussing the vendors who are developing the Chipset for...
IoT technology - internet of things

IoT nb1 vs nb2 Devices Comparison

IoT nb1 vs nb2 Devices Comparison,  Narrow Band IoT specifications were first introduced in 3GPP release 13 and then further enhanced in 3GPP release 14 with some essential features. Release 13 NB-IoT device category is referred to as Cat NB1 or Cat N1 and Release 14 devices are referred to as Cat NB2 or Cat N2. IoT nb1 vs nb2 Devices Comparison. Parameter Cat. NB1 Cat. NB2 3GPP Release Specification Release 13 Release 14 Operation Mode FDD FDD No. of Rx Antenna 1 1 Tx Power Class 20, 23 dBm...