Android development

Why Android ?

Why Android ?

In This Android article, we learn why Android is useful. And Also you can compare why android is better than the iphone. Because android have cover 80% of user engagement to connect android phone users.

Why Android?

Open Source:- The Android OS is an open-source platform based on the Linux kernel and multiple open-source libraries. So that developers are free to contribute or extend the platform as necessary for building mobile apps which run on Android devices.

Easy To Understand:-Android is easy to understand users can use easily android applications and its operating system is simple navigation.

Larger Community: – Today Android community is very larger so you can easily find out the problem solution and all the third-party solutions are free to use it. Most developers share our work expire is free of google.

Cost-effective:-Android app development is used language is Java and Kotlin and for UI creating used XML also so the code is a very effective way to manage UI and Programtinc code.

Best Development Tools:- Android also provided our development tools like SDK, NDK, etc more than pre-build tools the to make app easy.

Rich development environment:- Because android is free and all tool and solutions also available free so that. Android developers rich many more contributions and engage more developers to join the android jury.

High Success Rate:-The success rate is high because overall 80% of users are used android mobile so that your project engages a large number of users to interact with your business.

App Integration: –There are so many third-party solutions available for making it easy to integrate on your app.