flutter modal bottom sheet

Flutter Bottom Sheet examples

June 28, 2021

Flutter Bottom Sheet Ui is a today stander for mobile application development. We used to make a good UI and more user friendly so we used the bottom sheet. Basically, the Bottom sheet working like click on any component a sheet come for the bottom of the screen. the bottom sheet built a widget in […]

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how to disable screenshot in android programmatically

how to disable screenshot in android programmatically

June 23, 2021

Hi in this android article we discuss how to disable screenshots in our android programmatically. Like if you want to user can’t take screenshots of your application so we disable screen capture in android using Kotlin. So how to disable screenshots programmatically user can’t take screenshots in our app. This is helpful for security issues […]

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flutter shared preferences example

June 22, 2021

Hi everyone In this flutter tutorial I share a shared preference example using dart. We make a flutter example app in this example we make a login app to save data and manage login session for use. User can enter login details and login into App and redirect to the home screen. Next time when […]

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simple flutter calculator app

simple calculator in flutter

June 9, 2021

Hi, welcome to codeplayon to learn share and explore your skill. Let’s Lean more on flutter in this flutter tutorial we make a simple calculator app. So this flutter article is very interesting for begginer how learn flutter for crosh platform. hare we can create a simple calculator in fluter so that you can learn […]

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Android Splash Screen

android kotlin splash screen example

June 4, 2021

Hi, developer in this Kotlin tutorial we are sharing an example for the Android Kotlin splash screen. we create a new android project with select kotlin then select an empty activity with the name splash screen. finish it. After the let’s make a design for splash screen open your XML file and make a  beautiful […]

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Flutter TabBar A complete tutorial with examples

Flutter TabBar example with TabBarView

May 30, 2021

Hi In this flutter tutorial we make flutter TabBar with TabBarView and some adding UI. When we use TabBar, we should use a TabController to handle the various aspects of a tab. In this flutter example, we use DefaultTabController, which makes it easy. You can also use a custom TabController, but that requires additional inputs. […]

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Flutter Tooltip tutroial

Flutter Tooltip Example

May 27, 2021

Hii Flutter developer in this article we learn how to show a tooltip on a button click in a flutter. Flutter make a cross-platform app for Android and iOS, we make Flutter tooltip an example. In Flutter Tooltip widget is a material design tooltip that used to user know about the functionality of the widget. […]

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Flutter How to create Table Example

May 20, 2021

Hi Every one in these Flutter tutorial we share how to used  Table widget can be used to display items in a table layout. In these example we make a table widget and add icons and text in the table. Flutter Table widget has properties like border, table Row, Padding ,  columnWidths, Icons ,textDirection, etc., […]

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Flutter ToggleButtons Example

Flutter ToggleButtons Example

May 16, 2021

Flutter ToggleButtons Example In this  Flutter tutorial, we learn how to use  a ToggleButtons . Like if you want some button on you screen and when you click on button the highlight your selected button with different color. Following is a simple for quick code snippet on how to use ToggleButtons widget. Following code you […]

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Flutter Switch Example - Flutter Tutorial

Flutter Switch Example

May 14, 2021

Hi developer in these Flutter tutorial we shared how to used, Flutter Switch is used to toggle a setting between  Switch on/ Switch off which is true/false respectively. When the switch is on, the value returned by the Switch onChanged property is true, and the switch is off, onChanged property returns false. Example of Flutter […]

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