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Android MCQ

Android MCQ Question for interview All The Bast lets Do and Check you Knowledge

Android is -

Under which of the following Android is licensed?

Android is based on which of the following language?

Which of the following virtual machine is used by the Android operating system?

Which of the following is the first mobile phone released that ran the Android OS?

For which of the following Android is mainly developed?

What is the use of a content provider in Android?

Does android support other languages than java?

We require an AVD to create an emulator. What does AVD stand for?

Which of the following is not an activity lifecycle callback method?

Which of the following is the first callback method that is invoked by the system during an activity life-cycle?

Which of the following kernel is used in Android?

On which of the following, developers can test the application, during developing the android applications?

ADB stands for -

How can we kill an activity in android?

What is an activity in android?

How can we stop the services in android?

Which of the following converts Java byte code into Dalvik byte code?

What does API stand for?

APK stands for

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