Learn Flutter Layout Cheat Sheet

Flutter Tutorial for beginner

In this flutter tutorial, we are learning about the layout used in a flutter. So don’t west of time and let’s learn the flutter layout cheat sheet below. This layout helps you to make a mobile app using flutter.

Flutter Layout Cheat Sheet.

StatelessWidget:– A widget that cannot be re-drawn by changes to its properties is called StatelessWedget.

StatefulWidget:-  The stateful Widget can be redrawn when its setState function is called.

Center:- A widget used to center its child inside the parent widget.

Column:- The column widget lays out its child widgets also add in vertically.

Row:-  Row widget accepts a list of layouts and lays them out horizontally.

ListView:-  The list view is a very helpful widget to show a large number of data usually of type ListTile, linearly

GridView:- Divides the horizontal and vertical space into your grids layout.

Plugins:- The plugin is a program that extends the capabilities of a flutter on various platforms.

Packages:- Use flutter as their base to add new functionality to flutter itself.

Container:- A stateless widget usually used to contain another layout with decorations.

Image:- A Image widget used to display images either locally or from the network.

Text:- Display texts can be styled using its property of TextStyle that can show a label.

Scaffold:- A stateful widget that is used for the start point of your App.

AppBar:- AppBar is embedded usually inside your scaffold to display a bar on the top of your App.

Stack:- You use this layout in order to display widgets that consume the same space.

GestureDetector:- A stateless widget that can detect various gestures.

Icons:- A stateless layout that is usually used to display an object with an object type IconDate.

PageView:- PageView is used to scroll and paginate your widgets, great for image galleries.

LayoutBuilder:– A widget that gives you information about the parent layout.

FutuerBuilder:- It is a Layout that child widget based on the status of a future.

StreamBuilder:- Listens to a stream and builds a widget-based o change to the stream’s status.