Hiring Remote Software Engineers in 2022: Alternatives to Toptal 

Hiring Remote Software Engineers

Hiring Software engineers have been in demand since we can remember. With new technology emerging everyday, it is very important to have the best working for you, which has become the reason for all the excellent software engineers/developers already being committed. 

The competition of having the best tech is a never-ending story. But the problem with hiring the best software developers is finding one. Which is very time-consuming. Hence, companies mostly turn towards third-party companies to help them hire. We have had Toptal assisting companies to hire the best of the best to fill in the positions of software engineers. But yes, how much can one company have so much talent all to themselves? It gets you thinking. 

To resolve this issue of fishing the best from the best, we have compiled a list of alternatives to Toptal to help you make the perfect decision.

In our opinion, ever since joined the game, hiring top software engineers has become more accessible. They have been taking home the trophies for delivering the best! promises to deliver the top 1% of vetted software engineers. Moreover, the best thing about hiring from them is that they do it within 24 hours. Their goal is to provide their clients with the best within the shortest time period possible. In addition to that, in case the engineer is not up to your expectations, they offer a no-charged exchange as long as the claim is made within the first two weeks. 

They do all the work for you. All you have to do is click the “hire” button on their page, and voila! 


Fiverr has been in the freelancing game for a while now. It is a freelancing platform that connects employers with freelancers and vice versa. Fiverr is an order-based platform. The employer posts about the order they want to be delivered and has the freelancers’ pitch in their offers. The employers have the liberty of going with the offer they like. The better thing to do would be to browse through multiple profiles before choosing. Going through the freelancer’s portfolio will help you make a better decision. 

All the freelancers on Fiverr expect to work on on-off, small and specific tasks. For example, they are there if you need a WordPress website made or a simple Android App. If you need them long-term, that is possible too. However, in that case, it has to be specified to the freelancer. Moreover, another thing to keep in mind is the price range. The freelancers, also referred to as “sellers” on Fiverr, have three different price ranges. The price depends on the difficulty of the task. 


Flexiple, in comparison with other platforms, is relatively new. However, in a small period of time, they have served hundreds of customers, earning hundreds of satisfied reviews for their excellent service. Flexiple has vetted developers. Meaning they test the developer’s ability to handle tasks and their soft skills before they let them be a part of Flexiple. The screening processes and tests ensure the quality and the ability of a developer.

In addition, they also handpick the developers to match your requirements best. Moreover, they also offer a one-week free trial allowing you to pick the developer of your choice. is like a secret/elite club only for the exclusively invited. They claim to only have the best and the top-class software developers working for them. Which admittedly is pretty fancy. Unfortunately, fancy is not what companies are looking for, and everyone just needs the best. 

Furthermore, works like Flexiple when it comes to matching companies with developers. They too offer a customizable, handpicked system which allows a company to have the best hiring for them. 


Upwork is not an exact alternative to Toptal. The reason is that it does not offer a screening process of the developers. However, if you are willing to spend time looking at profiles and finding yourself a developer, Upwork is a great option. Moreover, if you want developers that won’t cost you much, Upwork is the platform for you since the developers on Upwork are mainly there for one-off tasks, quality isn’t much of either their’s or the employer’s priority.

Moreover, Upwork works on a bidding system. The employer places a bid and has the developer offer their best price for the project—bidding results in having numerous applicants posting their offers. 

Concluding Words

There are many alternatives to Toptal available when you search the web. But we took our time to list the ones that have proven to be even better or equally good as Toptal.