Preparing a Modern Child for School

How to Prepare Kids for School

Life in today’s world just isn’t as simple as it used to be – particularly for parents. Pressures that didn’t exist years ago are complicating everyday family life. Even before kids get to kindergarten, parents are now faced with the challanges of competing with friends and neighbors in the number of activities their kids participate in, or the quality of the preschool they attend. Not only that, but extracurricular activities and specialty schools cost a lot of money, which quite frankly, some well-meaning parents just don’t have.


Beyond financial expenses, there are other pressures that result from a society that is hyper focused on accomplishing more from a younger age. For instance, many families feel squeezed for time as they navigate planning around their busy work and home schedules. Parents may also feel stressed to help their child get ahead in the face of behavioral differences – such as ADHD – that make accomplishing early academic and athletic pursuits difficult.


Fortunately, while raising a modern child in today’s world can certainly prove to be a daunting task, there are several steps that parents can take to mitigate these pressures and still prepare kids for school and life. Above all, it’s important to remember to give children a chance to freely imagine and explore through play.


How to Prepare Kids for School


While there’s no need to cancel all your child’s extracurricular activities, as with most things in life, it’s wise to limit them to create a healthy balance. After all, the experience of being on a team and working towards a common goal goes a long way towards building your child’s social and emotional skills, which can ready them for school’s many successes and failures.


In preparing today’s children for school, it’s important to target the following:


  •       Nurturing social and emotional skills
  •       Boosting academic readiness for school
  •       Building independence


As mentioned above, one way to foster healthy social and emotional skills is to allow kids to discover passions through group lessons and activities such as in athletics, music, and art. These activities should be balanced along with other things, such as routines that help give each moment of the day purpose and predictability, which helps to ease the transition into school.


Since one of the pressures that parents face is to overschedule their preschooler’s activities, boosting academic readiness and fostering independence may be overlooked or tough for parents to figure out. One reason this can be tricky is that time is tight, and another is that families may not know where to find the right resources. It’s important to remember is that young children learn through play; if kids can explore and discover topics through play, they are more likely to forge a lifelong love for learning.


Some ways to incorporate play into learning include sensory exploration and play, as well as classic activities, such as playing dress up and role play with costumes. When it comes to skills directly related to academics, such as numbers, counting, or ABCs, look no further than interactive learning games via apps that also foster independence in learning.


The Talented and Gifted app by Kids Academy is one such program that can directly boost a child’s academic readiness while fostering a healthy sense of independence. Presented to children in a way that engages them in play through exciting and interactive games, videos, and lessons, this app covers topics the preschoolers must master, such as learning the alphabet, building basic number sense, and creating a foundation for problem-solving and critical thinking through play that tasks kids with sorting and matching shapes and objects.


The app is professionally voiced so children can work independently and at their own pace, while parents have tools to help them manage their child’s learning and progression through the app. In addition, offline activities, such as kids worksheets for preschool are available to complete in the app, or can completed online or be printed to be finished by hand.


Boasting over 3,000 worksheets and packed with interactive games and videos over a wide variety of subjects and topics, the Talented and Gifted app eliminates the need for parents to scour the internet for teaching resources to help prepare their little learners for school. Families can find a complete curriculum to have at their fingertips, all of which can be completed while on the go and fit into busy schedules with ease.


While the world may be a different place these days, especially when it comes to parents raising children, something that hasn’t changed is a child’s curiosity and zest for play. When offered a balance of opportunities for play-based learning, kids can thrive and begin to tackle their dreams as soon as they enter school.