when did technoblade die

Technoblade death 30th June reason : when did technoblade die


Legendary Minecraft player Technoblade has recently died at the age of 23 after fighting cancer for nearly one year. On the 30th of June, the family announced the news in the form of a video entitled “So Long Nerds.

The video was uploaded on Techno’s channel it’s in the form of a tribute to his father, who introduces himself before he weepily tells the story

Fans react to Techno’s last video

The YouTuber began his journey on YouTube in 2013 and, in the span of 8 years has amassed 10 million subscribers by the year 2021’s end. The channel has 12 million subscribers as of the present. A true massive within Minecraft, his channel has a huge presence in the Minecraft community The video that he released received a lot of interest as other streamers gathered to pay respects to him:

Technoblade may have passed away in recent times, however, but his legacy will be remembered by the millions he inspired and entertained. The legend will be remembered via his hugely popular YouTube streams and videos. One of the ways that fans have expressed their sorrow and support for the deceased Minecraft legend is to use the words that are often used by his followers:

How did Technoblade die? The Cause of Death – Explained and much more In the post, YouTube user Technoblade disclosed the real identity of his name, Alex. Let’s take a look at the way he died, and what caused the cause of his death.

How did Technoblade die?

The first few lines in the text read like this: “Hello everyone, Technoblade here.” If you’re watching this, I’m gone Since he previously hid his name from the public, Technoblade revealed in the video that his real identity is Alex. I am grateful to you that you’ve continued to show your support for my work over the years. If I could repeat myself a hundred times, I would opt to be Technoblade because they were the times that brought me the greatest joy. As per his dad, Technoblade left his message for his fans about eight hours before his death.

Technoblade death reason

It was in the month of August that it became public that Techno was diagnosed with cancer. He declared that he first noticed arm pain in July, and later took a few days to rest, blaming his symptoms on an injury resulting from excessive stress caused by playing. Cancer was the main cause of death for Technoblade.

In the weeks that followed the YouTuber reported the right side of his shoulder started to get swollen, which required his visit to the doctor to ensure that his shoulder could be checked.

In his most recent interview, Technoblade said that after conducting numerous scans, doctors determined that a tumor was responsible for the swelling on his left arm. The chemotherapy treatment began swiftly even though he had low energy levels, he claimed that the treatments were effective.

According to him, the initial days were pretty relaxed and low-key. Then I was thinking to myself “Damn, this is simple, buddy,” and then realized that I was exhausted and had no energy left and that they added up to nothing. It’s difficult to express the feeling of exhaustion I experienced after that tiring day.

when did technoblade die

Legendary Minecraft player Technoblade has recently died at the age of 23 after fighting cancer for nearly one year. On the 30th of June, the family announced the news in the form of a video entitled “So Long Nerds.

What did the founder of Technoblade declare?

Technoblade’s family wanted everyone to know how much he cared about and appreciated his fans and his colleagues within the industry.

Since Technoblade’s first days on the internet Technoblade has continuously created new ways to delight and reward his followers. He’s done this by offering prizes online, encouraging good sportsmanship, and more importantly, sharing his Minecraft adventures for entertainment and fun. While he was able to achieve his goals, he did not lose his charming confidence. Instead, he fought with a delightful blend of confidence and self-deprecating humor.

He was careful not to be known for his appearance and made an effort to hide his real identity. We ask you to respect his wishes and ensure his privacy and that of his loved ones.

When he battled cancer at a stage four level the last year was filled with many difficult moments that our boy had to face. However, he did not complain and continued to apply his well-known strategy mind to the task of overcoming the odds even though the odds were almost impossible.

The courage that my son displayed during the way was an inspirational model for all of us fortunate enough to be a part of it. We are thankful for the opportunity to share his journey with us as doing the work that he loved for his loyal supporters throughout.

What has happened to Technoblade? 

Technoblade death reason

The news that Technoblade was confirmed to be suffering from cancer was released on the 27th of August. The news of the cancerous diagnosis came out Technoblade, the well-known Minecraft streaming service on YouTube with more than 8.54 million subscribers, took an extended break from creating new content.

Technoblade informed everyone that his right arm was suffering from intense pain in July at the end of the month. The 22-year-old was an age at that time did not seem to notice the pain and claimed that due to playing video games online for a prolonged period duration, he only required a few days of rest from the strain.

What type of cancer is Technoblade death

The pain in his arms, as reported by Technoblade, was what prompted the doctor to see him, despite the fact that he didn’t disclose the specific type of cancer that he was treated for. It is possible that the patient was diagnosed with sarcoma which is a form of cancer that usually develops within the bones’ tissues or muscles, which could explain the condition.

As Technoblade had a great time playing his Minecraft game and joked that he’d let surgery to amputate his arm of his if they win enough tournaments. Technoblade went on to state that no matter how the diagnosis has changed the way he lives for the rest of his days, he will strive to create videos for his fans.

Technoblade death Obituary

As soon as people learned about Technoblade’s death, they immediately started conducting an extensive internet search for Technoblade’s Obituary and also the person who had died. When the announcement of the death of Technoblade the internet, people began to be curious about the reasons for his death.

Many people are visiting the website of Technoblade in recent times. A lot of times posting about healthy people online as if they’re dead is a method to trick the site’s visitors.

However, the information given about Technoblade is true We also found several discussions on Twitter that contained a number of information about Technoblade’s demise.


How did the expression ” Technoblade Never Dies ” originate?

Techno himself played in fact an OG Minecraft player and joined the well-known Dream SMP server in 2013. Techno’s incredible skills and play-sense soon drove the YouTube platform to new levels and in the last year, his channel surpassed 10 million users.

The first time Techno uttered the famous phrase while trying to win battle on the Nether on the Dream SMP. Once he has made it safely and receives an opportunity to rest, Techno gives an adrenaline-filled speech about how he will never will die:

Techno himself came up with the phrase after repeating the phrase over and over again throughout his winning streak of 1,000 games at Bedwars which was almost transformed into a 2k, but he the singer eventually lost hope. Naturally, his fans to use the phrase as a way of boosting morale and show their support for the performer who had won over more than 1,800 matches in one go.

Techno’s abilities aren’t the only reason why fans make use of expression. Dream SMP is an online role-playing game where every character has a story about themselves that was created from the players. Even though Technoblade isn’t mentioned specifically in the game, players have offered a variety of theories on why the player does not die within the servers.


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