Top 5 Best Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor sports are attractive for outdoor enthusiasts because physical activity in the fresh air is more useful than indoor sports. It is more pleasant to run, jump, swim and do yoga on the street — so physical activity is easier to bear, and there are more health benefits. In addition, there is not always time and energy to go somewhere after work.

Top 5 Best Outdoor Activities

  • Fitness tours

Fitness tours have long become a popular destination and a favorite type of sports recreation. This is the perfect way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city for a while and repair your health. It can be a 3-day retreat in the forest or a full-fledged vacation at the sea. As a rule, most of the organizational aspects are taken over by the organizing company, but you can still do it yourself. Take care in advance of booking a hotel or a small cozy house and visit a repair service beforehand so that unforeseen breakdowns do not spoil your rest and you do not have to urgently look for a nearest repair station. If you do this in advance, you can easily fix other shortcomings of your favorite car, for example, you can proceed with car dent repair.

  • Running

Top 5 Best Outdoor Activities

It’s probably the leader of outdoor training. Runners are everywhere — in parks, stadiums, roller skis and city streets.

What are the advantages? Firstly, practically no equipment is needed (except for properly selected shoes). I got out and ran. Secondly, it’s not boring. Many sports brands have running clubs where you can train for free, in a team of like-minded people and under the supervision of a professional coach. And this, by the way, is important. Running can be traumatic if the technique is far from ideal.

As for shoes, you need to keep in mind: sneakers for asphalt are different from sneakers for running on the ground, grass or rough terrain. And there are also sports shoes for city running.

For beginners, it is better to choose parks with special treadmills with a coating softer than asphalt. We must not forget about the warm—up and the hitch: joint gymnastics before jogging, and after – stretching.

  • Functional training

The workout sites that have appeared in almost every Moscow park and yard over the past few years are, in fact, an ideal place for functional training, crossfit, circuit training, TRX and HIIT (high—intensity interval training).

Outdoor in this case may include exercises with cardio and strength training.

Depending on the selected complex, the load will change. Some exercises are suitable for beginners, and some will be mastered only by pros.

Additional equipment may include a mat, dumbbells, fitness bands, weights, a jump rope, TRX loops, expanders.

  • Yoga in the park

Now no one can be surprised by yoga classes in city parks, gardens and on the shores of reservoirs. If we consider that yoga is primarily meditation, concentration and relaxation, then it is quite logical that such practices should be conducted not in stuffy rooms, but in nature. There is fresh air in the park, flowers and herbs smell, leaves rustle and birds sing. Such an environment disposes of a meditative mood — this is what is so lacking in fitness clubs. Since the goal of yoga is to merge with the world, you will agree that it is much more pleasant to feel like a part of the forest or the ocean than to merge with concrete and tiles in a sports club.

  • Nordic walking

It is unclear why Nordic walking is still considered an activity for the older generation. Probably, it seems to many that it is easier to walk with sticks than without. Meanwhile, with Scandinavian walking, up to 90% of a person’s muscular muscles work, and the joints, on the contrary, receive less load than when running or walking normally.

There is a need for equipment — sticks. Depending on their height, the load on the body is also regulated. The shorter the sticks, the lower it is.