Monitor Coupons

Monitor coupons is a premium Word Press coupon plug-in that allows you to show discounts from other companies and earn affiliate commissions by driving traffic to those establishments, as the name suggests.

It enables you to create attractive coupon functionality similar to that seen on RetailMeNot, SlickDeals, Groupon, and other similar sites. That is, you will be able to include features such as one-click copy/reveal, coupon details/expirations, and much more.

My favorite feature in monitor coupons is that the designs look amazing straight out of the box, so you don’t have to fiddle with custom CSS to get them to appear good.

List of Features

On, Monitor Discounts is available in, there are two versions available: a free version with limited capabilities and a paid one with more features.

You can make an endless number of monitor coupons and link them to an infinite number of stores with it. You can use “types” and “categories” to organize your monitor coupons.

You can then display your monitor coupons using a variety of short codes that allow you to do both:

Individual monitor coupons 

This can be used to create index able coupon pages or to include coupons in product reviews. Keep track of your coupon lists, whether they include all of your coupons or only those from a single store, kind, or category.

Furthermore, your coupons incorporate key usability characteristics found on huge coupon sites like RetailMeNot:

Click to copy:

Users can copy the discount code to their clipboards for free by clicking on it.

Click to reveal:

Until the user clicks to reveal the discount, it is hidden (only in the paid version). Then, as a result of you establishing the affiliate cookie, they’re taken to the store, where a popup with the coupon code displays. This is a very nice function, and it appears to be implemented as well as the big sites.

 Hands-on Experience with monitor coupons

Let’s go hands-on and see how everything works now that you’ve learnt about the features.

For this review, I’ve installed the many of the features you’ll see are still available in the free edition, and I’ll try my best to clarify which features are free and which require the paid version on my test site.

Creating a Vendor

The first step is to create a “Vendor,” which is a fancy term for a store where you wish to hand out coupons. This not only facilitates coupon management, but it also allows you to provide basic information, such as a store description, that you can use to pre-fill coupons.

There are several reasons why I believe Monitor Coupons is an excellent choice:

  • All of the designs and user interfaces look and work fantastic right out of the box. There’s no need to mess around with CSS or anything; your coupon area will look amazing right away.
  • You can show your discount codes in a variety of ways, including lists and individual coupons.