Android Tutorials

Android Tutorials using Android Studio for Beginners as well as advanced programmers. Learn Android app development Android Tutorials step by step guideline. Hare, you can Learn, Explore, and Share your Knowlege with Advance Android Tutorials.

Android tutorial has been prepared for the beginners to help them understand basic Android programming. After completing this tutorial you will find yourself at a moderate level of expertise in Android programming from where you can take yourself to next levels.

Android tutorial

  1. What is Android ? and History of Android.
  2. Why Android ?.
  3. Features of Android.
  4. Android OS Architecture.
  5. Android Application Components.
  6. Android Application Development Environment Setup.
  7. Android First Example to Developer an app ( Hello Android )
  8. Explain activity in android and Activity lifecycle
  9. Android Service Tutorial
  10. Fragment Lifecycle In Android.
  11. Android  MVC: Creating a Model-View-Controller Framework for Android
  12. Android launch modes example
  13. Android  Volley vs Retrofit | Better Approach?

 Android development

Take your Android coding skills to the next level in our free, self-paced Advanced Android Development training. Here I am sharing android development solution, Android third party SDK, Android library integration, Android development payment gateway, android animation

  1. Android How to used  Radion Button, in  RadioGroup
  2. Android simple used Like Share Via
  3. RatingBar Tutorial With Example In Android Studio
  4. Android Image UpLoad to server From Camera and gallery
  5. Android  WebView Example Tutorial
  6. Android how to used Checkbox 
  7. Android how to use a static Spinner dropdown list
  8. Android DatePicker dialog Box to Get ToDate and FromDate
  9. Android Recycler view list with  Swipe Refresh and Search bar in recycler list
  10. How to JSONParsing  JsonArray using with RecyclerView Android using Volley
  11. How to JSONParse a JSON Object In Android
  12. Android Searchable Spinner Example
  13. Android Sending Push Notifications to Android with Firebase
  14. Android Animation with Buttons Example
  15. Android Show API Data to Graph Chart Example APP using @MPAndroidChart
  16. Android GPS Tracking and Get Address with Street Name, City for Location with Geocoding
  17. Android Circular ImageView with Picasso library
  18. Android Detect Internet Connection Status
  19. Android Create a Bar Code Scanner ( ZxingScannerView )
  20. Android Add a  Floating Action Button and Sub Floating button
  21. Android MultiAutoCompleteTextView  With API Example Tutorial
  22. Android Dynamic Line Chart Example
  23. Android Canvas Tutorial – Capture @Digital Signature and @PaintView and Save
  24. Android SeekBar Example
  25. How TO  Check User Permission is to allow or not in Android 
  26. How TO  Changing the background color of the selected item  Recycler view  in Android 
  27. Android Working with Tab-bar Layout and  Navi Bar Layout
  28. Android Navigation Drawer Example Tutorial
  29. Android how to use Google Map and Show root and @Calculate distance.
  30. Android @Email Intent, @Call Intent, Open URL Intent, @WhatsApp Intent, @YouTube Intent
  31.  How to Build Intro ImageSlider in Android App
  32. How to Download PDF from URL in Android Code Example
  33. Android  Working with Bottom Navigation
  34. Android  Sync SQLite Database with Server using PHP and MySQL
  35. Android  Room Database Example
  36. Android Rate This App”-link in Google Play store app on the phone

Android UI Design

  1. Android Login Screen Design with TextInputLayout & Button Design
  2. How To Create Animated Progress Bar in Android
  3. Android  Splash Screen Animation
  4. Android How to use Image slider in Android @SliderLayout
  5. Android Dotted progress bar example
  6. Android Splash Screen Animated UI Design Example
  7. Android UI Design for and food delivery Boy
  8. How to make  GIF Splash Screen In Android Studio Animated
  9. Android Recyclerview with Cardview android example- @E-Commerce
  10. Android Login Screen With Awesome Animation Design
  11. Android How TO Create Splash Screen Awesome Design

Android Solution

  1. How to Integrate MPos D180 Payment Machine Integration in android
  2. Android Facebook ads integration into Android app – Part 1
  3. Android Facebook ads integration into Android app – Part 2
  4. Android NFC Tutorial – NFC Phone TO NFC Tags Communication
  5. Android Bluetooth Thermal Receipt Printer  Integration in android
  6. Android How to Integrate Google AdMob in your App
  7. failed resolution of :Lorg/apache/Http/ProtocolVersion In android
  8. NetworkSecurityConfig: @No Network Security Config specified, using the platform default
  9. Android how to Integrate Paytm payment getaway in android